Some golf fans think Tiger Woods created the Nike swoosh by doing THIS!

This Tiger Woods video would have made a fantastic Nike commercial back in the day...

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Sun, 11 Dec 2022
Some golf fans think Tiger Woods created the Nike swoosh by doing THIS!

A number of golf fans on social media appear to have fallen for a video showing how Tiger Woods created the Nike swoosh as a result of his golf swing.

To clarify, Woods did not create the famous Nike swoosh, fairly obviously, given it was created in 1971.

Woods, who turns 47 on December 30, was born in 1975. 

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The first deal Woods signed with Nike was believed to have been a five-year deal worth $40 million in 1996. 

Woods' next contract then came in 2001, reportedly worth double the initial contract. 

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KraftyGolf on Instagram stuck up a video using the lines in Woods' swing to draw the exact Nike swoosh. 

He then captioned the video: "Siri, how was the Nike swoosh created?"


Here's how some fans reacted: 

"How was this never a Nike commercial."

"Really, never knew that!"

"Fair enough!" 

"Makes sense to be fair."

"The fact people are taking this seriously is amazing."

"Oh come on LOL" 

"I think a lady called Carolyn will have something to say about that."

KraftyGolf, who goes by the name of PGA pro Justin Kraft, then wrote some details on what golfers can learn from Woods' swing.

"Notice the downward arc of the clubhead is NARROWER (closer to the target) than the backswing arc. 

"Why is that? Multiple reasons: 

"Tiger has laterally started moving his body toward the target. 

"Tiger has a little more wrist hinge early in the downswing.

"These are two good ways to add power and make sure you don't hit the ground before the ball."

So back to the Nike swoosh...

The Nike logo was indeed created by graphic design student Carolyn Davidson more than 50 years ago now. 

Maybe Carolyn could predict the future and knew a certain Tiger, with 15 majors to his name, was on the way. 

The swoosh logo was was first created for the company that was back then known as Blue Ribbon Sports. 

One of the founders, Phil Knight, who acted as Davidson's accounting professor at the time, asked her to come up with a logo inspired by the adidas brand.

He wanted something that encouraged movement. 

Davidson came up with a number of different designs before Knight chose the swoosh. 

It was inspired by the wings of the Greek goddess Nike.

According to Free Logo Design, Nike's wings "motivated her fighters to be daring and courageous and when they won, they would say 'Nike' to each other as a token of thanks."

It is understood that Knight was not initially pleased with the logo, but his budget prevented him to design another one so he just grew to like it. 

You can read more about the history of the Nike swoosh here.

Nike Inc. as we all know is now one of the biggest companies in the world. 

It's the world's most valuable apparel brand for a seventh consecutive year according to the latest data. 

Nike Golf represents some of the best golfers in the world such as Woods, Rory McIlroy, Tony Finau and Brooks Koepka

The brand pulled out of golf equipment back in 2016 due to a lack of sales and attracting millenial players. 

Nike does, however, continue to produce footwear and apparel. 

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