WATCH: PGA Tour caddie saves player from taking a dip at Sony Open!

PGA Tour pro Mackenzie Hughes would have likely taken a dip in the water had his caddie not leapt into action at the Sony Open.

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Fri, 13 Jan 2023
WATCH: PGA Tour caddie saves player from taking a dip at Sony Open!

PGA Tour player Mackenzie Hughes was faced with a tricky shot during the second round of the Sony Open. 

The Canadian pro had an unfortunate break when his tee shot on the second hole at Waialae Country Club came to rest in an awkward spot. 

His golf ball came tantalisingly close to being submerged in the water that lines the left hand side of the fairway. 

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However the 32-year-old, who has one PGA Tour victory to his name, managed to escape this situation with a par. 

The tour pro had to grip down on the shaft of his golf club and place all of his weight on his left foot. 

Once he was in that position he managed to advance his golf ball down the fairway to the front edge of the green. 

What made this moment even more humorous was the fact Hughes had his caddie Jace Walker ready to leap into action. 

Walker was primed ready to prevent Hughes from taking a splash. 


Who is Jace Walker? 

Jace Walker has been Hughes' caddie since 2020. He is a handy player himself and previously had aspirations in playing professionally.

He has previously carried for Adam Svensson. Walker has been a caddie since as far back as 2013. 

The highlight of Walker's career came when he caddied for Hughes at Augusta National at The Masters for the first time. 

Walker has previously told CTV news:

"There is no one way to caddie. You have to caddy for that specific player and bring a certain attitude that she or he likes. Some players don't like to talk as much; some people do; some like to joke and talk all the time.
"You are kind of a psychologist and a caddy. That's kind of the lost part of that. It's what happens between shots that makes the good ones great." 

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