2013's three most expensive irons

Three sets of Honma irons for more than

2013's three most expensive irons

Honma TW717P 5 Star - £36,295

Brand: Honma
£36,295 (set of 8 in Honma ARMRQ8 5-Star 8-axis carbon graphite shafts; extra irons £4,650 each)
Website: Honma Golf

Honma Tour World irons start at £1,275 per set in the UK, so they’re not just for millionaires!

But the Honma Tour World TW717P 5-Star irons are the most expensive golf irons on the planet right now - when purchased in the ARMRQ8 5-Star 8-axis carbon graphite shaft).

These irons are hand-crafted with 24 Karat Gold and Platinum PT1000 detailing on both clubhead and hosel. They also feature 24 Karat Gold Ingot in the butt of grip.

Honma says these irons are their easiest cavity back irons to hit with a large sweetspot, thick top edges, lower, deeper centre of gravity and enlarged MOI for maximum Tour World forgiveness.

The list of folks who have purchased a set of these beauties include Donald Trump, Danny DeVito, Jack Nicholson and Marc Anthony. Trump said he’s happy with them.

“I think they’re great,” Trump said. "I find they play very, very well. They’re very beautiful clubs, nicer than any I’ve seen.”

ARMRQ6 5-Star shaft, combining six carbon fibers evenly from 360deg directions, boosts resistance to crushing and flexing and enabling the shaft to accommodate force from al l directions.

The shaft regains its original shape with greater accuracy at the impact, which dramatically increases carry performance.

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