Adidas adipure TP golf shoe review

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Mon, 7 Nov 2016
Adidas adipure TP golf shoe review

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Waterproof, comfy, superb traction
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PRICE: £174.95 YEAR: from 2016

Adidas adipure TP golf shoe review

Currently, my golfing wardrobe is roughly skewed in a ratio of 80:20 towards summer attire, which has alarms ringing heading into the festive season.

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This became immediately apparent on a recent outing when the mercury had failed to reach five degrees, and a blanket of frost remained from a cold night before as we teed it up on the first.

A few holes in, and despite my unusually fast start, I had other issues on the brain. The frost had now melted and entered my shoes, leaving me with wet feet, and I was slipping around like Bambi in the more sodden areas.


You can imagine the relief when these Adidas adipure TP shoes dropped into the office. Out go the summer spikeless numbers, in go the winter shoes. 

Adidas adipure TP golf shoe review


Classic and understated from afar, but clearly modern on close inspection, and boasting futuristic tech.

No clown shoes here – they are flush to the foot and have a smart, fitted look.

The black colour means you don’t have to worry too much about marking them.

Adidas adipure TP golf shoe review


After wearing non-spiked, summer golf shoes from the start of spring to late autumn, it was a welcome shock to slip into a winter offering, and immediately feel the benefits. 

These are incredibly robust, and players will feel secure in them, and connected to the ground throughout the swing, no matter how hard they go at the ball.

The leather moulds and conforms around the foot, offering  excellent comfort through 18 holes and more. Despite being firm and rigid, the premium leather is also soft to the touch.

Adidas adipure TP golf shoe review

Added to this, the foam layer in the heel adds even more comfort – you’ll be bouncing down the fairways in these, like Rory on a run of birdies.

Rubbing one’s hand along the bottom of the shoe indicates the excellent level of traction on offer – we were trying to slip in these and were not able.

A carbon fibre chasis and TPU outsole combine to produce this incredible traction, which rates as some of the best on the market.

Playing in a saturated Saturday, the shoes kept our feet completely dry, but did not suffocate our feet. You also get a two-year warranty regarding waterproof cover.

In the winter months, players need to rely on their shoes to keep them stable and offer support, and this comes in spades with the adipure TP product. 


Dripping with class, the Adidas adipure TP shoe offers waterproof protection, extreme traction and excellent comfort – all the boxes ticked, then.

One of the more expensive shoes from the brand – although hardly the most expensive shoe on the market – but these will last you for some time.

They have an aroma of luxury - you know these are premium just from looking at them. 

An outstanding winter shoe, that your playing partners will be drooling over.

Head to the Adidas website for more information. 

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