Tour B330-S (2014)

BRIDGESTONE GOLF has launched its new B-Series golf balls for 2014 - balls that feature a drop of water at their core designed to match the varying swing speeds of average club golfers and elite Tour professionals alike.

Hydro Core Technology reduces spin for longer distance off tee; terrific greenside control and feel
Hard to think of one other than price

BRIDGESTONE GOLF has launched its new B-Series golf balls for 2014 - balls that feature a drop of water at their core designed to match the varying swing speeds of average club golfers and elite Tour professionals alike.

According to the brand, this ground-breaking Hydro Core Technology produces 30% more graduation in the formulation around the inner and outer areas of the core, contributing to a softer centre but firmer outer region. The result is less spin off the driver face for greater distance and accuracy, allied to a golfer’s swing speed and ability to compress the ball’s seamless cover.

While testing countless different compounds for the core of its latest family of B-Series premium balls, Bridgestone engineers discovered that a prototype with a drop of water in its core formulation process delivered exceptional performance attributes. These were confirmed by Tour stars Brandt Snedeker and Matt Kuchar late last year.

“When Kuch and I began hitting these balls during Presidents Cup practice rounds we noticed immediately how hot they were off the driver,” said Snedeker, who now plays the new Tour B-330 ball, while Kuchar continues to favour the Tour B-330-Smodel.

“Needless to say, we are very excited about having these balls in play on Tour in 2014.”

Distance Test: Hot v Cold golf balls using the Bridgestone Tour B330-S

Last year I was custom fit for the Tour B330S, predominantly because I fit the bill of a swing speed in excess of 105mph, so there was only ever one ball for me when I was handed a sleeve of the new dimples at the official B-Series launch at the PGA Show in Orlando in January.

This outstanding 4-piece urethane covered ball continues to rely for penetrative flight on Bridgestone's acclaimed and patented soft 330 Dual Dimple Technology.

Since switching to the new Tour B330S ball, I have achieved a remarkable 14-yard gain on my driving distance and a much higher and straighter ball flight. This therefore goes to highlight the importance of playing the correct ball to maximise performance.

According to my most recent driver data, spin has been reduced by approximately 150 RPM against the previous Tour B330-S ball - this has much to do with a re-engineered Dual Mantle design and new Hydro Core technology incorporating water into the core formulation process.

The water helps to enhance the gradation of the core's inner (softer) and outer (firmer) regions and the result, as it's proven thus far for my own game, is reduced spin for longer distance. Pleasingly, side spin has also been reduced a little more, which is thankfully aiding much straighter drives.

Having used this new Bridgestone Tour B330-S ball for six rounds now, I feel like my performance both from the tee and around the greens is improving week by week because the new Tour B330-S - as used by PGA Tour star Kuchar - is much lower compression and just generally feels like it stays on the clubface longer.

The core of this ball is also creating more velocity because energy is travelling quicker into the core. Launch angle might be a little higher than I'm used to, but I like it, and it by no means detracts distance. 

I am also experiencing vastly improved traction with this new ball, most notably with full wedge shots from inside 100 yards and greenside bunker shots. It's incredibly soft and buttery with the scoring clubs - and during some tricky windy rounds, particularly early this year, the Dual Dimple design has helped me hold the ball on my desired trajectory through the breeze.

On the putting surface, the new Tour B330-S is simply one of the softer balls out on the market and I felt like it stayed on the putter face longer too, because of its soft feel.

One negative I initially had when converting to the Tour B330-S was the Dual Dimple surfacing. I didn't like it much at first, but it's certainly grown on me. It's kind of part of the family now. 

It's a little different to what you might expect with, as it's name suggests, a smaller dimple inside a bigger one. Two in one. This also makes it feel much rougher than other 4-piece urethane balls when you pick it up and roll it around in your hand.


A golf ball filled with water and it's well worth splashing the cash, despite the rather hefty £47.99 price tag per dozen. The new Tour B330-S very much whets my appetite for the season ahead.

While I would recommend you get custom fit with Bridgestone Golf to identify the correct ball for your game, if you fall into the Tour B330-S category like myself and are a fan of Bridgestone B-Series balls, I guarantee you will unlock some hidden yards with the new model as well as gain better greenside control and feel.

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