Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Golf Rangefinder Review: Size, speed and accuracy

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge assessed the performance of the Bushnell Tour V5 Golf Rangefinder, one of the best in the game of recent years.

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Matt Chivers
Wed, 24 Mar 2021
Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Golf Rangefinder Review: Size, speed and accuracy

Need To Know

- Extremely accurate, clear to read, excellent features.
- £359.00 could be too expensive for some golfers.
Our score:
PRICE: £359.00 YEAR: from 2021

When it comes to laser rangefinders, you'll struggle to find a better brand than Bushnell. The Bushnell Pro XE laser is the best laser rangefinder we have ever tested, so when the Tour V5 Shift arrived, we were very excited to put it to the test.

If you're someone who favours a laser over the use of a handheld GPS or watch, you want it to be quick, simple to use and extremely accurate. The new Bushnell Tour V5 Shift is packed full of useful features powered by the very best golf rangefinder technology.

Bushnell is the most popular golf rangefinder brand on the PGA Tour. As well as providing top-level accuracy, it is a heavy and robust product which is also durable.

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£359.00 is at the top of the pricetag leaderboard in this market, but the Bushnell Tour V5 golf rangefinder is well-equipped to serve your game better than most other rangefinder lasers.

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge assessed the performance of this Bushnell rangefinder to discover if it serves your game as it does for the top Tour players.





What is the Bushnell Tour V5 Golf Rangefinder all about?

Both V5 models continue Bushnell’s tradition of setting new standards in the industry through constant innovation and incorporation of leading technologies.

Moulded with the perfect combination of size, speed, accuracy and Visual JOLT, the Tour V5 rangefinders are designed to create confidence for every shot needed on the course.

The new Tour V5 rangefinders feature Bushnell’s “BITE” technology. The BITE magnetic mount allows the laser rangefinder to be secured to a golf buggy without the need for any aftermarket accessories. With 7lbs. of pull strength, golfers can be assured their rangefinder will stay put.

JOLT has been taken to the next level with the all-new PinSeeker with Visual JOLT Technology. A red ring now flashes as JOLT vibrates to give the golfer even greater feedback and confidence to know they have locked onto the flag. 

We were also impressed with other features of this golf rangefinder such as the three-volt battery and the rainproof design. A rainproof golf rangefinder is extremely important when playing in harsh conditions.

This golf rangefinder is accurate to within one yard and we found this to be the case on the golf course. We were impressed by the accuracy of the device and this is a factor which certainly contributes to the price.



As rangefinders go, the V5 Tour Shift is yet another impressive product from Bushnell. It's not quite as good as the Pro XE but it's not far off and comes at a cheaper price point.

The JOLT technology makes finding the flag simple and effective. Once the laser has pinpointed the flag, the device vibrates and a red ring flashes in the scope so you know you're locked on with the correct yardage.

Slope-Switch Technology is extremely useful and can be turned on and off at your preference, but knowing how much distance the slopes are adding or taking away on certain holes is fantastic knowledge to have at hand

The BITE magnet is perfect for when you're sharing a cart with your friend as you don't need to keep putting the device back in the case. The powerful magnet means you can attach the rangefinder to the metal of a cart without worrying it will fall off.

At a price point of £359 you're getting one of the most technologically advanced rangefinders on the market today. Some people prefer the use of a watch or handheld GPS, but if youo place a premium on accuracy then it's a rangefinder you need.

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