Benross Hot Speed Driver

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Charlie Lemay
Thu, 10 Oct 2013
Benross Hot Speed Driver
For the price it

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great distance, appealing look
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PRICE: £129.00 YEAR: from 2013

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The Benross Hot Speed is a 12 degree, mid launching driver aimed at the player who can hit the big stick reasonably well but feels they could always do with a little extra help - and let's be honest how many of us would refuse a bit of extra help?  It comes with a 62 gram Aldila RIP Shaft so it’s a little heavier than the shaft on the RIP Speed.

The first thing that struck me when I picked up the club is that it looks great. It has a traditional, pear shaped head, finished in matt black with an alignment aid on the top which is an arrow. The sole has HOT in chunky red writing and the face has understated white lines running across it with Speed etched on the middle of the bat.

The club sits nicely at address and I was getting some good numbers out of it. It was right up there with the premium brands distance-wise which really impressed me. The spin rates were also low and were comparible with the top brands on the market.

The feel was decent – nothing to write home about but nothing which would massively put you off the club. I struggled slightly controlling and shaping my ball. When I tried to draw or fade my ball it was difficult to not lose control and I sent a few out of bounds, especially when trying to apply a fade. It makes an appealing sound which is often where the cheaper clubs fall down.


For the price it’s an outstanding club. Great distance and a decent feel, it’s a gem for anyone who doesn’t want to shell out on a big stick.

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