Quad Speed Hot (12 deg)

Split Dual crown design helps lower the centre of gravity to produce a higher, more forgiving, more powerful ball flight. Twin sole tuning cartridges help improve acoustics of the 460cc head, with less twisting at impact. Mid-Trajectory Aldila Voodoo shaft. Available only in 12-deg loft.

Big white head, high powerful flight
impact feel felt a little dead

So let's cut to the quick - we're club golfers; we want to get the ball airborne with as much forgiveness as we can muster.

There's no doubt the Quad Speed hot driver delivers. It's more like a strong 3-wood - and I could even get it comfortably airborne, even off the deck.

I loved it's shape at address; big white 460cc head; gave me lots of confidence to hit it high (rarely wide) and handsome.

Not quite as long as more expensive drivers but the extra loft meant more fairways hit and more forgiveness at impact.

My only criticism was the feel. It didn't quite give me that tingle you get when you know you have middled one - we used to call it 'out of the screws' in long-gone persimmon days.
It tended to deaden the impact feel even with good quality Titleist range balls.


I'm a fan of high-lofted drivers, as a golfer who tends to de-loft naturally at impact. So this suited my action. However, feedback through my ears and fingers, wasn't as satisfying as I'd hoped.

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