588 Custom Driver

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Andy Roberts
Mon, 7 Apr 2014
588 Custom Driver

Need To Know

Above-average distance; Low launching, low spinning driver
Not the prettiest looking clubhead in the world;
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PRICE: £250.00 YEAR: from 2014

Cleveland Golf's latest enhanced Variable thickness MAX COR face creates faster ball speeds on slightly off-centre hits.

The hosel has 12 settings that change loft by +/- 1.5° and face angle up to 2.25° open or closed.

A deeper face creates more forgiveness on shots struck high or low of centre. An optimal centre of gravity is provided by an advanced wall construction, allowing more weight to be positioned lower in the club head for a high, penetrating flight.

Not a great deal going on with the crown and it's a little boring but sometimes boring is good. It's just a sleek, all-black appearance that will no doubt appeal to the traditionalists. No glare over the ball. Gold trim around edging of the crown aids suitable alignment.

A very powerful sensation at impact but I found the standard Matrix OZIK 6Q3 shaft a little too long and the grip too thin which contributed to less control than ideal.

Very long and above-average distance, however. Relatively accurate performer, too. Not the easiest to shape both ways but in terms of distance, this club shines. It feels like it runs for miles.

Very low launch and low spinning driver, contributing to by far the longest big dog Cleveland Golf has ever put on the shelves. It can be easily customised to fit every performance demand off the tee.


Not going to win any awards for looks but it's a neat enough looking driver that will help get you on the straight and narrow.

It's very easy to hit straight but it's also incredibly long, certainly above average for total distance.

Cleveland might get most of the plaudits for its wedges and player irons but the 588 Custom is the best driver you probably aren't considering this season. Well worth a look.

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