Cleveland Golf

Former Name: 
Cleveland Classics
California, U.S.

Cleveland Golf Information

Cleveland Golf is best known for its stunning wedge design, highlighted by its RTX series of wedges down the years.

Their brand new RTZ ZipCore wedges are the best wedges of all time, in the eyes of GolfMagic. They offer terrific distance control from all types of distances, they feel amazing from all types of lies and they spin as you would expect for their title.

Cleveland Golf also makes some of the game's best drivers, fairway woods and hybrids, in particular the Launcher HB Turbo driver which is very forgiving indeed, and also fantastic value for money.

The company also caters for game improvers in the iron market with its easy-to-hit Launcher HB Turbo irons and Launcher UHX irons for slightly better players. Cleveland also makes putters, most recently rolling out new Frontline putters in a range of different head shapes and designs to cater for all types of putting preferences on the greens.

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