910 D2 (12 deg MSS)

New 12-degree loft model with 910D2 head and lightweight 50g Mitsubishi Bassara shaft. Designed for golfers with moderate swing speeds to generate better launch conditions, spin and playability. 45-inch shaft for improved control.

Bob Warters
Thu, 15 Sep 2011
910 D2 (12 deg MSS)

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PRICE: £250.00 YEAR: from 2011

Not the easiest test conditions while Hurricane Katya is blowing across the manicured acres of Archerfield Links, east of Edinburgh but, appropriately, as the old saying goes: 'needs must when the devil drives'.

I had access to the Titleist 910 D2 driver with it's increased loft and shortened, more flexible shaft, for only a few hours so had to make the most of the opportunity in order to report back to our valued Golfmagic members.

First thing I noticed was the solid black head I'd become used to with the 10.5-degree 910 D2 driver. It clearly showed me more confidence-inspiring loft at address and a feeling of more control from the slightly shortened shaft.

The shaft immediately felt a little lighter enabling me to feel the clubhead in my first tentative practice swings as near gale-force winds swept from the left across a practice ground, that would have been deserted of pros in a normal Tour event.

However, I was able to keep my shots under relative control with the moderate 93mph swing speed I generate - and despite the wind, enjoyed the feel from the clubface combined with the softer flex of the shaft.

I was pleasantly surprised by the penetration of this higher-lofted driver into the wind, even out-distancing at times, single-figure playing colleagues at least 30 years my junior ignoring drivers and using 3-woods and 'stinger' long-irons to keep their own shots under the wind.

Off the deck, I was able to perform my own party piece on several occasions, using my temporary toy like a strong 3-wood to have the ball slicing through the headwind with a soft fade. Probably the best club I've ever had for this manufactured but very useful shot


Sadly, although it took at least two determined Titleist fitters to loosen my fingers from the rubber grip, such was my attachment to it, the club was taken off me at the end of the round. However, it served its purpose to provide me with an opportunity to experience how such a club can improve the game of my fellow moderate swing speed golfers. Perhaps Titleist may give me the chance to try it again under more sympathetic conditions, where I have ever confidence it will prove equally adept.     

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