F2 Golf SS Wedge Review

If you're struggling with confidence around the greens, the F2 Golf SS wedge could help.

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Andy Roberts
Mon, 1 Oct 2012
F2 Golf SS Wedge Review
No hosel, no shank

Need To Know

No hosel, no shank; stable and forgiving on off-centre hits; reduce turning clubhead over from rough; maximum spin from legal grooves
May take some convincing for low-handicap players
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PRICE: £79.99 YEAR: from 2012

How Webb Simpson could have done with an F2 Golf SS wedge on the par-3 eighth of his Ryder Cup singles match…

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F2, which stands for Face Forward Technology, claims it will banish the dreaded shanks from your short game for good.

Having used this innovative 56-degree SS wedge several times now, it’s easy to see why they make such a bold claim with so much confidence.

But why can F2 be so sure? The answer is simple. No hosel, no shank – just as the bright yellow label kindly indicates on the sole of the club.

F2 says its SS is the first major innovation in wedge design for 50 years and differs from all others on the market in that it heralds a unique design that sees the face move forward and the hosel back.

While this club is perfect for those struggling with those fiddly shots around the greens or for those worried about clearing the clubhouse at the back of 18 from 70 yards in, the SS has benefits for the lower handicap players too.

I found this design to be particularly useful when playing from the intermediate rough or first cut of rough as the SS allowed me to strike the ball before grass could grab the hosel and twist the clubface.

As the hosel is moved out of the way, you are able to decrease the drag that generates when playing from the rough, sand and fairways. By removing weight out of the hosel, this also makes the club more stable and forgiving on off-centre hits.

While I wasn’t overly taken by the ‘dog leg’ hosel on first inspection, I realised it made little difference when addressing the ball and the muscle back look of the club, made it feel more like a traditional blade.

I was also able to take advantage of maximum spin control with these legal, conforming grooves from around the 80- to 90-yard mark.

The wedges are available in 52-, 56- and 60-degree (steel; both right and left-handed) at £79.99 and 56- and 60-degree (graphite; right handed) at £99.99.

Should you buy the F2 Golf SS wedge?

This is a very good solution for players struggling with confidence around the greens.

As an example, I gave my dad this club to use on several holes at the weekend - a 15-handicapper who would rather take a putter out from 30 yards short of the green - and he was opening up this 56-degree clubface and going down after the ball. Something I’ve never seen him do in all the years we’ve played together.

And true to F2’s word, he didn’t shank anything and made two out of three up and downs from inside 50 yards.

Once you’ve gotten over the radical looks of the club, the playability will more than make amends. 

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