Cleveland 588 Forged wedge

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Andy Roberts
Mon, 13 Feb 2012
Cleveland 588 Forged wedge

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Advanced Precision Forging; Tour Zip Grooves and Laser Milled technology; confidence-building club; optimal surface roughness maximises spin; versatile design.
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PRICE: £119.99 YEAR: from 2012

I was crawling around in nappies when Cleveland Golf released its original 588 wedge 23 years ago. Today, having tested the brand-spanking new CG 588 Forged wedge for myself, I’m pleased to say I’ve found my own little baby.

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Aesthetically, there is little difference between the original 588 and the latest version. However, there are many technological advances designed to improve performance and the headline has to be the new construction. 

A truly awe-inspiring club from the moment you place your hands on the grip and set the clubface down on the turf, the 588 wedge features Tour Zip Grooves and Laser Milled technology as part of Cleveland Golf’s first ever forged wedge.

From full 100-yard shots and pitch shots with the 52-degree to bunker and touch shots with the 56-degree, the 588 wedge provided me with everything I could wish for.

Maintaining the popular, tour-proven shape of its predecessor, every wedge is Precision Forged from 1025 carbon steel for an incredibly soft, solid feel and the highest level of manufacturing consistency for supreme confidence and trust over every shot.

Quite simply, timeless beauty and versatile design for an all-around wedge performance no matter what shot is required. I have never been more confident standing over my ball than I was during my nine-hole round last week.

Despite the freezing conditions and the ball barely travelling, I used the wedge four times from around 100 yards and on all four occasions, I not only found the green but was able to create a little bit of drag. Which believe me, with my usual low ball flight is pretty difficult to promote. Perhaps it was just because of the soft, spongy greens or more because of the optimal surface roughness of the 588.

Exclusive to the 588 Forged wedge is the Tour Concept Wedge steel shaft, co-developed and engineered by Cleveland Golf and industry leader True Temper. With a unique stiffness profile that features a less active tip, the shaft promoted me with a more penetrating ball flight compared with my old wedge, as well as optimal distance control and superior feel. Oh, and plenty of moon walking.

Although I was using the Satin finish in both 52 (8-degree bounce) and 56 (14-degree bounce), Cleveland has created a range of 588 wedges also in Chrome finish and from 46-degree through to 60-degree in low (one dot), standard (two dot) and high bounce (three dot) options. The standard two dot bounce certainly provided me with a large variety of sand, turf and swing types.


I literally can’t stop touching my 588 wedge. Yes, I’m a golf freak but when I’m not on the course or in the office, I constantly find myself picking up the wedge and chipping balls off the carpet in my room and into the landing. It’s getting rather addictive. Then again, it is Valentine’s this week.

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