FT-iZ 3-wood

Polar weighting provides stability, consistency, feel and increased speed. Aerodynamic body designed to reduce drag in the downswing while Fusion technology combining a carbon composite crown with a stainless steel face and body, improves forgiveness. Available in 13-deg (3-wood strong), 15-degree (3) 19-degree (5) 21-degree (7) and 24-degree (9).


At less than 43 inches, this is quite a short shaft for a 3-wood, but there is an overall feeling of solidity about this club. I found the stock Callaway shaft, weighing in at 60 grams, produced a good, low penetrating ball flight.

The small head gives the club good versatility from various lies, but the clubface is big enough to give you confidence from the tee.

There’s an uneasy look to this club, strangely non-symmetrical with the triangular body warped slightly to favour the heel rather than the toe. I found this head shape encouraged a draw more than a fade, especially as the clubface was marginally toed in at address.

Feel/performance: The feeling off the clubface is solid but hard. You don’t get that ‘springy’ feedback you get from sother clubs. I wasn’t able to flight the ball big distances, but the performance was consistent, making it a good choice for accuracy on those tighter par-4s.

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