EZONE XP fairway wood

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Charlie Lemay
Tue, 5 Nov 2013
EZONE XP fairway wood
All the hype about this club is worth it. Very long and easy to work the ball with.

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Long, easy to work, low spin
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PRICE: £179.99 YEAR: from 2013

The EZONE XP range features the YONEX Dual Tungsten Power [DTP] System - an innovative engineering breakthrough that produces maximum power and distance. The newly designed DTP System, featuring Tungsten in both the grip and club head, works in conjunction with the Lightweight Shaft.

The world’s first counter balance fairway-wood. It certainly had my attention and I was quick to get this one down the range to see if it lived up to the hype.

Like the EZONE XP driver, I’m not overly enthusiastic about the appearance of this club. The orangey-red shaft was a bit of an eyesore and the same colour is used in conjunction with black on the club head as well.

But what about the important stuff? Well the counterbalance system is supposed to increase length and it definitely did that. The idea behind it is that a heavier head creates greater ball speeds although this creates an issue as it’s harder to swing so slows the club head speed down. Counteract this with a lighter shaft and a weight in the butt of the club and, hey presto, problem over.

I was getting on average an extra eight yards out of this fairway wood and it was offering consistent straight shots – very impressive.

It feels explosive off the face and, although it takes a while to get used to the slightly alien feel of the weight distribution of the club, it feels effortless to swing.

It offers a solid feel off the face and I was able to work the ball in all directions. It has a penetrating ball flight and provides low spin rates.


All the hype about this club is worth it. Very long and easy to work the ball with.

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