Super LS fairway wood

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Charlie Lemay
Tue, 5 Nov 2013
Super LS fairway wood
A fairway wood which is easy to get in the air and is forgiving

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forgiving, high launching
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PRICE: £199.00 YEAR: from 2013

Like all Adams metal woods in 2013, the Super LS fairway wood has a black and white colour scheme which makes the club head look bigger at address and helps players align themselves.

The face of the LS is very springy down to the fact Adams designed the club with a titanium face and crown welded together with a stainless steel sole. Adams says the spring-like effect is near the USGA’s legal limit – let’s hope that limit doesn’t change!

The LS has a low centre of gravity meaning it takes minimal effort to get the ball airborne. It also incorporates Velocity Slot Technology which is meant to increase distance and forgiveness.

While the club produced decent distances I didn’t feel the VST made a huge difference to my length but I did when it came to poor shots. When I hit the LS off the heel or toe I was still seeing the ball go a good distance – whether this is down to the VST, who knows and to be honest, who cares?

Adams are buildng a reputation of producing fantastic feeling metals and the LS is no different. It’s soft but not to the point where you lose feel and it also offers fantastic feedback.

The club comes with a mitcubichi Kuro Kage, 70 gram shaft.


A fairway wood which is easy to get in the air and is forgiving