G/Fore Pebble Gallivanter review

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Charlie Lemay
Tue, 16 Feb 2016
G/Fore Pebble Gallivanter review
A high-performing premium golf shoe

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Comfortable, stylish
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PRICE: £150.00 YEAR: from 2015

Luxury shoe brand G/Fore has made inroads into the market in recent years, and its 2016 range could cement its standing as a leading premium outlet.

Previous shoe offerings from the American brand were impressive, banking top marks for style, although we felt there was still room for improvement in the performance stakes – there is no such concern with the new line.


As with every product that comes off the G/Fore production line, the Pebble Gallivanter shoes are stunning. They look slightly rounded when you first see them, but on a player’s feet the ergonomics are exactly right.

They have a desirable mix of  classic style and forward thinking fashion – rooted in tradition, but by no means dated.

The simple white and red design means they match most outfits – while they are clearly golf shoes, we wouldn’t have any qualms about wearing them in the clubhouse.


G/Fore has drastically increased the comfort levels with these shoes, compared to previous products.

The anti-microbial dual density contoured footbed and shock-absorbing sole work in harmony to offer a relaxing ride for golfers.

Comparing these shoes against previous models, you can see there is more padding used, and it has reaped rewards.

The feel of the shoe is snug, but not inhibiting. Throughout the swing our feet were well harnessed, and we didn’t experience any slipping inside the shoe.

It is a relatively light shoe, perhaps more accustomed to spring rather than winter, as it is not exactly heavy duty.

Made from 100% pebble leather, the shoes are finished in a water-resistant material, which makes cleaning the shoes easy – always a concern with white footwear.

There is a decent amount of grip on offer from the cleat design. We played on a sunny day in February on wet ground, and had no issues with slipping or losing control.


A high-performing premium golf shoe - but you'll have to pay for the privilege. Comfortable, grippy, and provides good levels of support throughout the swing.

Price: £150

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