FreeStyle shoe review

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Andy Roberts
Fri, 15 Jan 2016
FreeStyle shoe review
FootJoy kissed the Red-Eyed Tree Frog, and now it's found its prince

Need To Know

Complete range of movement; great traction and stability; comfortable; snug feel; fresh looks; athletic profile
The bold looks may not appeal to the traditionalist
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PRICE: £135.00 YEAR: from 2016

If you fancy making your playing partners green with envy, you may just want to slip on a pair of new FootJoy FreeStyle shoes.

Inspired by the gripping power of a Red-Eyed Tree Frog, the makers of the number one shoe in golf have made yet another splash in the footwear market.

First Look: FJ FreeStyle

Following the brand's success with comfortable, stability-based shoes such as Icon Black and DryJoys Tour, and more athletic styles such as D.N.A. and Hyperflex, FootJoy has now designed a golf shoe that provides "true mobility" for every type of player.

After extensive testing of the FreeStyle prior to its launch, we could not be more impressed with the energy, comfort and traction it has delivered us thus far. 


While available in five contemporary colour combinations, we favoured the loudest pair in the range. Some players may find this particular model a little too "in your face", but we think it's a nice touch given the FreeStyle was inspired by a Red-Eyed Tree Frog after all.

We will leave the rest of your scripting up to you. A pair of navy trousers and an orange shirt is likely what Gok Wan would prescribe. 

The boldness of the shoe was obviously our first reaction, but delving closer into the shoe and we loved the look of its exterior, which felt very soft to touch. It's effectively a running shoe construction, and in terms of its all-round profile and fit, this is quite simply as good as it gets.

Feel and Performance

Placing feet inside the shoe and the levels of comfort are as snug as anything else out there. 

Not only does it feel soft to touch with the palm of your hand, but there is an instant cushy feel as soon as you are harnessed inside. This is much down to the InnerSok Fit/Bootie System with TongueLok and HeelLok, allowing the foot to slip effortlessly into the shoe. 

The shoe's soft new FTF 3.0 midsole compound also delivered us with superb underfoot cushioning, particularly when the heavens opened for a good hour or so. 

We noted superb flexibility from toe to heel during the swing and the strong base of the shoe helped us load our swing with maximum power, particularly on the tee box.

Not only do the SoftSpikes Tour Locksystem and new Pulsar cleats make you stand nice and tall at address, but they generate all the traction you could possibly wish on full-blooded swings. 


As its name suggests, the spikes really are soft and they pleasingly make few indentations in the green, even during the earliest, wettest morning round in January. 

We've yet to slip or lose any balance since testing the FreeStyle, which in a way is kind of annoying as we've nothing to blame poor shots on now. Perhaps we'll just have to pay for a caddie next time. 


Sleek, snug, soft, stable and suited to all swings. 

If you are in the market for a premium new golf shoe that offers flexibility, stability, comfort and an athletic style, we recommend you take a closer look at the FJ FreeStyle when it hits the shelves in March 2016.  

FootJoy kissed the Red-Eyed Tree Frog, and now it's found its prince. 

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