Cage shoe review

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Charlie Lemay
Tue, 9 Feb 2016
Cage shoe review
The ECCO Cage does it all.

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Comfortable, secure, light, offer great grip
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PRICE: £170.00 YEAR: from 2015

As equipment testers, we evaluate a lot of kit, most of which is impressive. Every once in a while, a piece of equipment comes along that has you reaching for superlatives, none of which seem to do the product justice.

That is where I find myself with ECCO’s cage shoe. The best, the most comfortable, the grippiest, the sturdiest – all are apt descriptions.


ECCO golf shoes are understated - which is partly why they are so popular – and the Cage shoe follows suit.

They don’t break any boundaries in the appearance stakes, and they won’t have other players asking what you’ve got on your feet. They still maintain an appealing modern aesthetic, but it's an underplayed one.


The compromise golfers are often faced with is whether to pick a hybrid shoe, which will be incredibly comfortable, or a cleated shoe, which will offer more stability and grip, but loses out in the comfort and flexibility stakes.

Fret no more, because the ECCO Cage does it all.

The one-piece DiP stability Cage that wraps around the heel is integral to the smooth ride. Marry this with the anatomically designed outsole, which is designed to move in unison with the foot’s ligaments and muscles, and ECCO’s Freedom Fit design which ensures a secure setting in the heel while also facilitating room in the front of the shoe, and you have one of comfiest shoes on the market.

ECCO has 50 years experience in making shoes, and clearly know how to make a comfortable piece of footwear, but perhaps the most impressive aspect is the stability of the Cage. After all, why opt for a cleated shoe if you’re not after more grip and control?

From the moment you slip on the shoes, golfers will be impressed. Players will not slip and slide around inside the shoe, and you almost get a feeling you are locked into the sole of the shoe. Throughout the stroke the amount of traction on offer is superb, thanks to the Champ Slim-Lok system.

This does not come to the detriment of flexibility. While the shoe feels extremely rigid on the foot, there is little resistance while walking and swinging – players can see this by bending and twisting the shoe in their hands before putting them on.

Made from lightweight Caldera performance leather, the shoes are light on the feet, and have waterproofing qualities thanks to ECCO’s Hydromax treatment. All ECCO shoes benefit from a Direct-injection process, which relinquishes the need for glues or stitches, increasing the shoes’ water repellent properties.

We tested these over a couple of rounds, the last of which was on a squelchy, sodden track. We had no issues with wet feet, despite being out for well over four hours, and were pleased to find the shoes were easy to clean afterwards.


The ECCO Cage shoes offer everything required from a cleated golf shoe. Incredibly comfortable, secure and grippy.

While they are one of the more expensive products on the market, the ECCO Cages are worth the investment if you want a top performing shoe.

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