Tour360 Boost shoes review

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Andy Roberts
Fri, 18 Dec 2015
Tour360 Boost shoes review
one of our favourite new shoes for 2016

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comfortable, snazzy, an all-year round golf shoe, stable, great traction and control, good value
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PRICE: £129.99 YEAR: from 2015

When it comes to premium golf shoes, there are few that can rival the snazzy, iconic, new adidas Tour360 Boost. 

Ten years after its original Tour360 shoe redefined the performance and design of golf footwear, adidas Golf has introduced the next generation in its innovative Tour360 franchise.

The company's revamped Tour360 Boost version now incorporates all the latest footwear technologies, including full-length Boost cushioning, an improved 360Wrap, and a dual-density 10-cleat puremotion TPU outsole.

For us, the new shoe as favoured by big-hitting Dustin Johnson, is likely going to prove a sure-fire winner for golfers around the world because it's an all-year round golf shoe that delivers in terms of looks, feel and performance. 


We fail to remember being more delighted at plucking a golf shoe out its box.

From its Manchester United-style colour choice (or so I keep telling myself) and bold, iconic three-stripe design to its eye-catching new cleat outsole and general premium leather smell, the Tour360 Boost had our undivided attention from the get-go.

Looking at the shoe from side on, and what we instantly like is how you can see all the technology on offer, built atop its Tour Performance Last. You can effectively see what you're buying into.

The new heel shape also appeals to the eye on first look, something inspired by adidas training and running categories. 

Feel and Performance

As expected from adidas, the levels of comfort are as good as it gets for a golf shoe. 

The shoes feature full-length Boost cushioning in the forefoot and heel for maximum comfort and a re-engineered, lighter and more flexible 360Wrap saddle to allow for greater adjustability and adaptability.

First Look: adidas Tour360 Boost shoes

There is just a very snug fit about this one, and in similar ways to the recent adipower Boost shoe, you do feel like you're bouncing around in them. As the name implies, you get a 'boost' from playing in these shoes. 

Another nice touch is that a new s-curve has been created to the heel, which follows and adapts to the natural contour of the foot. This provided us with a very comfortable fit throughout the round. 

And as of February 2016, the Tour360 BOA Boost will become available. This will feature the brand's most advanced BOA Closure System that adidas claims will provide "an even greater customisable and comfortable fit."

For us, the adidas Tour360 Boost represents one of the best alternatives for an all-year round shoe. It's certainly perfect for winter conditions over here in the UK. 

Not only did its climaproof technology rid water from the feet when the heavens opened, but the new 360Wrap feature was doing exactly what adidas told us it would, with superb levels of traction, flexibility and control from each shot we faced. Even on several slippery tee boxes and wet lies in the sand, we had the confidence to stand up to the ball and swing with confidence. 

The shoe's 10 strategically-placed CenTraXion and thintech cleats also contributed to the solid, comfortable foundation we experienced during the round, and despite all the technology going on underfoot, the shoes sounded relatively quiet and were by no means 'squeaky'. 


One of the very best in its category and we can see this one flying off the shelves in 2016.

It's easy to see why Dustin Johnson has been a regular user of the Tour360 shoes, and adidas will certainly have a hard job to get him wearing anything else anytime soon. 

The Tour360 Boost comes available in a range of six different colours and costs what we consider a very fair £130.

The option of BOA in February 2016, for an even greater fit, will set you back an extra £30, but we believe the levels of comfort and fit are strong enough in the standard model. 

These are well worth a look at if you're in the market for an all-year round premium golf shoe. 

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