Lunar Control 4 review

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Charlie Lemay
Tue, 15 Mar 2016
Lunar Control 4 review
The most athletic offering on the market.

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Lots of grip, locks foot in place, comfortable
Some will not like appearance
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PRICE: £130.00 YEAR: from 2016

Nike’s Lunar Control 4 shoes sought inspiration from a variety of sports, and unsurprisingly its headlining staffer, Rory McIlroy.

The result? The most athletic golf shoe on the market.


Possibly the most striking new addition is Nike’s Swoosh moving from the side to the front of the shoe. This brings the Lunar Control 4 in line with styles seen in football, and other major sports, and perhaps more importantly for the brand, ensures the cameras can see the Swoosh at all times. The marketing men at Nike earned their money when they noticed the bottoms of golfers' trousers were occasionally covering the famous logo.

Looking at the shoes from the top, the Lunar Control 4s are more reminiscent of a running shoe than a golf shoe, and they possess a sleek, streamlined aesthetic.

The finish is quite shiny and glossy – like something you would expect to see on a football boot. The underside of the shoe looks superb, with the carbon fibre shank contrasting appealingly with the white base colour. The “Just Do It” motto is a nice touch, if you like that kind of thing.

It’s a youthful looking shoe, that’s for sure – the appearance will divide opinion.


The most impressive aspect of the Lunar Control 4 shoe is the amount of traction on offer, and the way it locks the foot in place throughout the swing.

The Lunarlon sole remains from the Lunar Control 3, but Nike has added a firmer outer sole and a thick heel counter.

The carbon fibre shank, a light but incredibly strong material, strengthens the shoe, resulting in a rigid ride no matter how hard to go for at the ball.

Flywire-cables attach to the upper of the shoe, which the laces then pass through. This gives the player a more secure fit inside the shoe. As you tighten the laces, you can really feel your foot being pulled down inside and back. The heel is locked in, while the toes still have room, and are not cramped.

The Nike Champ Zarma spikes marry with extra contouring to provide superb grip. We tested them out in both wet and dry conditions, and were impressed by the amount of traction on offer.

In terms of comfort, the Nike Lunar Control 4 gets a B+. A softer foam has been used for the inner sole, and the lighter microfiber synthetic upper, which is designed to mimic leather, shaves off some pounds. It’s a very comfortable golf shoe that will cause no issues no matter how long you want to spend on the course.

We played on a sodden course while the rain pounded down and were pleased to leave the course with dry feet.

A paper-thin split tongue is employed, that wraps around the ankle to provide a better fit.

“They give me the confidence needed to maximize power in my swing with reliable control on the ground, especially off the tee.” – Rory McIlroy


The most athletic offering on the market, which makes sense as Nike has made this product for the "athlete in golf".

Reminiscent in aesthetic terms to a football boot, the Nike Lunar Control 4 provides superb levels of traction and comfort, and locks the foot in throughout the stroke.

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