Get a Grip!

Are your grips nice and shiny? If so, get some new ones quickly!

Get a Grip!

"Good golf begins with a good grip", so the saying goes. What that actually means is that if you have a good 'hold' of the club, it is a start. The rest can be taught as per the book.Get a Grip!

But how many of you pay attention to the actual grip on the club? The rubber bit that’s on the end of the shaft…not many of you I bet. And when was the last time you replaced them, if you have at all?

The grip is the only contact between you and the club and if chosen properly and more importantly, fitted properly, it is a valuable tool for feedback when you are playing or practising.

Having the right grips is often neglected by the majority of players and getting the right size of grip is as important as having a lesson or being custom fitted for a set of clubs.

Many golfers neglect the importance of the grip and how its size will affect the way both your hands are positioned around the club and where the ball will tend to go too.

A good rule of thumb is that if your grips are too small, your hands tend to overwork and wrap over the ball too quickly, resulting in a pull or a hook. And if they are too fat, it will stop your hands from turning over at impact resulting in a block or a fade, or worse, a slice.

When was the last time you had your grips changed, if at all?

The new season is nearly upon us and if you are serious about your golf, get a grip of your game by getting a grip, or ten!

Golf Pride, the number one grip manufacturers in the world for the last fifty years are introducing a new grip this season for those players who want a very soft feel with the durability and economy of slip-on rubber.

The 'Sofftie' range is an improvement on the popular Tour Wrap grips, used widely by Professionals on the Tours. It is evocative of the old style leather wrap-around grips.

But Golf Pride has taken the traditional looks and incorporated modern technology to produce an un-buffed, easy to slip on, one-piece rubber grip. But for the fashionable colour conscious among you, it is only available in one colour, 'Sable Grey'.

The new model includes Men's, Women's and Midsize club grips with a straighter, less tapered outline and a putter grip in the shape and size preferred by many Tour players.

Jim Ulrich, Marketing Manager for Eaton Golf Pride said:

"'The Sofftie' is ideal for players who want a softer feel without losing the durability you get from a Tour wrap or Full cord grip. It allows you to practice more than if you used full corded grips and the straighter taper is ideal for placement in the right hand and it will fit more snugly than a standard grip".

"Many tour players apply extra layers of tape under the right hand to make the taper straighter so the right hand could fit properly around the grip. Faldo was always very particular about his grips, the perfectionist that he is. His grips used to be very thick like a cricket bat handle. I wouldn't recommend that for everyone, but is important to get the right sizing for your hands. The Sofftie provides a good choice of sizes and is already tapered so the right hand fits properly on the club".

They will be in shops around springtime and priced similarly to the premium range of grips.

Also new from Golf Pride this season is the Women's Velvet Victory in standard Women's size adding to the 50th Anniversary family of Velvet Victory Grips. And the Velvet Pro Series Putter Grip, which is in favour with many Touring Professionals, is available now. It is slightly smaller than the standard version and priced the same, around £6.

Golf Pride have the largest selection of grips available so there will be lots to choose from and suited to all players from the budget conscious to the Professional who earn a crust on the tour.

Before you start the new season, take a look at your shiny old rubber grips with the impressions around the thumb area and get your pro to replace them with a new set sized to your hands, and watch your ball striking and scores improve.

Good golfing.

Martin Park

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