Everyday Golf Coach Power app

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Andy Roberts
Mon, 6 Feb 2012
Everyday Golf Coach Power app

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Power; SwingSequence; Phantom HD camera; easy to use; value for money
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PRICE: £3.99 YEAR: from 2012

If you fancy taking more aerial pictures of your playing partner's ball then this is the app for you.

Following the best-selling Everyday Golf Coach series, the Power app is all about - yes, you guessed it - creating more power in your golf swing.

And what's more, you don't need to hit the gym. That does help, though.

Developed by PGA pro Noel Rousseau exclusive for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, the Power app features high-quality video sessions to provide helpful insights into various skills such as body positioning, club angle and swing.

As you would expect from a PhD student, Rousseau’s content is well researched. It also contains a fascinating interview with sports scientist Dr Matt Bridge that explains the concept of kinematic sequencing through his presentation ‘The Science of Power’.

Originally designed for the military, the Power app comprises of a super slow motion Phantom HD camera that enables the golfer to analyse the finer details of the swing in an interactive SwingSequence feature.

Despite switching to the Cobra Amp driver this season, there is no doubt the app's comprehensive video coaching has helped me gain an extra five yards off the tee. I also feel like I'm a slightly better ball striker because of it.

The Power app has helped with my dynamic posture, i.e. holding posture angles throughout my swing, and my arm dynamics i.e. unwinding my arms, wrists and clubhead at the correct time and in sync with the body.

It also shows you how to create master shots along with graphic visual aids and multiple frames of reference to effectively illustrate specific golfing concepts to users with the 32-high quality videos created for the iPhone.

I also found the Everday Golf Coach device is extremely useful for reading terrain and studying variation between courses. It also has a favourites section to ensure you can go back and work on what you were previously doing.

The user interface is intelligently designed with menu screens and visual effects to give users an easy in-app navigation.

Rousseau also explains the various pros and cons of golfing conditions and how to proceed with the next shot.

The app doesn't require a Wi-Fi connection to stream videos.

Available on the iPhone for £3.99 and iPad for £4.99. For more information visit www.everydaygolfcoach.com

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