Idea Tech V4 hybrid

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Andy Roberts
Fri, 14 Dec 2012
Idea Tech V4 hybrid

Need To Know

Cut-Thru Technology boosts face deflection; higher launch; great forgiveness; fast ball speeds; TPU insert for improved feel
May take some time to adjust to distance gains
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PRICE: £149.99 YEAR: from 2013

If you’ve ever dreaded the thought of hitting long irons, you’ve probably found yourself knocking on the Adams family door for some hybrids at some point in your life.

If not, 2013 could well be the time you do it.

Adams Golf, as used by 2014 US Ryder Cup captain Tom Watson, has been rolling out top-selling game-improvement clubs for years and the decision to put the new Idea Tech V4 Hybrid Irons in the bag is an elementary one to make.

Although Velocity Slot Technology has been used in Adams clubs before, the Idea Tech V4 Hybrids utilise innovative Cut-Thru Technology, which as its name suggests, sees the slot cut all the way through the club from the crown to the sole.

These ‘Velocity Slots’ in the crown and sole of the 3, 4 and 5H boost face deflection at impact and increase the ‘Charactestic Time’ by 67% (similar to that of a driver) – CT is the USGA and R&A’s measurement to determine the ‘springiness’ of a clubface.

As for my own game, all this ‘spring’ resulted in fast ball speeds, impressive distance gains and most importantly, higher launch and forgiveness.

I hit around 50 balls with the 3H (19-degree) to an average of 195 yards carry and 215 yards distance - 15 yards extra distance than my current 3-iron. I usually carry the ball 170 yards with my low-piercing 3-iron before it disturbs the worms and scampers the fairway some 30 yards.

I particularly liked the tungsten weights in the heel and toe as this really helped me get the ball airborne, while forgiveness was also strong on off-centre hits. Whether I was striking shots on the high toe or low heel, I was enjoying the same forgiveness no matter where I hit the ball on the face.

The long game is where I suffer most and so to be able to hit a high-towering 3H from outside of 190 yards into the green and get the ball to land soft is something that pleases me. Perhaps swapping an iron for a hybrid is the option...

In terms of appearance, Adams adheres to golfing regulations by placing a TPU insert in the hybrids to seal the slot. This also improves the feel, while at the same time giving them a crisp sound similar to an iron.


I’ve never really found a hybrid that I’ve been comfortable with in the past but the Adams V4 Tech 3H will certainly be of major consideration for me in 2013, particularly given my 215-yard distance with it fits nicely between my 230-yard average with the RBZ fairway and 195-yard average with my 4-iron.

All in all, the hybrids are very easy to hit. The only downside is that you may find you’ll be spending some time on the range trying to figure out your new yardages with the 5H, 4H and 3H. Is that a bad thing?

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