TR47 Hybrid

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Charlie Lemay
Thu, 14 Nov 2013
TR47 Hybrid
A hybrid which offers distance, a great feel and forgiveness at a stunning price

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Long, great feel, forgiving
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PRICE: £89.99 YEAR: from 2013

The TR47 hybrids combine John Letters' famous history, yet with modern day innovation and performance built in as standard and provide you with a powerful and forgiving way to replace your hard-to-hit traditional long irons.

Are John Letters making a comeback? It seems so with the release of their new TR47 line.

The name pays homage to Fred Daly’s Open victory in 1947 although John Letters marketing team seem to have hijacked this fact and are pushing the ’47 extra yards’ line.  The TR abbreviates trilogy which refers the three club styles in the line – hybrids, cavity irons and bladed wedge.

This hybrid certainly stands out and I was a fan of its appearance although for many it will be too in-your-face. The light blue shaft contrasts greatly with the predominantly black head and I liked the white lines used on the grooves of the face.

The TR47 hybrid has a soft, springy feel and you get a sense the ball is exploding off the face. I was impressed by the feel and feedback of this hybrid and it also makes a nice sound when struck.

Distance-wise the TR47 certainly gained me extra yards when up against other hybrids although it certainly wasn’t 47 yards as suggested by John Letters! The company have used a two-piece cup face to promote distance and a penetrating ball flight.

The hybrid also offers good forgiveness with off-centre hits still producing a good distance.

The club is slightly head-heavy which was a disappointment as it was the only aspect which let the club down.


A hybrid which offers distance, a great feel and forgiveness at a stunning price – a top hybrid from John Letters.