TR47 irons

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Charlie Lemay
Sat, 2 Nov 2013
TR47 irons
An iron which offers superb feel and distance at a good price.

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Good feel, long
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PRICE: £399.00 YEAR: from 2013

The TR47 range name pays homage to the past and the future. 47 being the glorious Open victory of Fred Daly in 1947 using John Letters equipment and TR abbreviates Trilogy referring to the 3 different clubs styles in the TR47 set hybrids, cavity irons and bladed SW. The Trilogy set was seen as ground breaking when it was launched many years ago just like the TR47 is today. 

Unlike the other John Letters clubs from the TR47 line, the irons are satisfyingly unassuming in terms of appearance and will appeal to players who don’t want a club which turns heads at their local course.

It has a medium top line and sole and has a reassuring cavity placed low on the bottom of the club with simple, elegant branding on the back.

The most impressive aspects of this iron is the distance it provides as well as the feel at a decent price.

We were getting good length out of all the irons and they provide a soft, buttery feel with good feedback as well. On top of this they offer a decent amount of forgiveness although you do get a shocking, stinging feel when you hit a duff one.

If you struggle to get the ball airborne you may have found a gem here as it has a naturally high ball flight. 

Compared to other clubs aimed at the same player (mid handicappers) the TR47 irons were in the middle of the pack for workability. I could move the ball if I really tried but it wasn’t the easiest.

It’s a tad head heavy for me but I don’t think it’s an issue at all. I was very impressed by these irons.


An iron which offers superb feel and distance at a good price.