Victory Red Full Cavity

The full cavity VR iron is even more offset with a wide sole and thick topline to give more confidence to the club golfer. Centre of gravity is further back to give a high launch and soft landing. Nike claims it's more forgiving on off-centre hits and has a progressive thickness of the face from top to bottom. Available in left and right-hand options for men (4-SW) and women (5-SW), prices are expected to range from

Tim Beard
Mon, 1 Jun 2009
Victory Red Full Cavity
Golf is a game of confidence and these cavity back irons will help golfers develop their game while helping cut out those disaster shots that can ruin your round.

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PRICE: £490.00 YEAR: from 2009

There's really no feeling quite like it, it's unmistakeable and to be precise, the beauty of this particular feeling is that there's almost nothing to feel at all.

At the bottom of your swing, you KNOW you've flushed that ball. How? Because you hardly feel a thing - and that's one of the best feelings in golf.

It's the kind of experience that keeps us coming back for more and, particularly when starting out or trying to develop your game, it becomes a bit of a Holy Grail. But not all of us can have a perfect swing that hits a golf ball with purity time after time. So that's where club manufacturers step in to give us a helping hand.

Some clubs are incredibly forgiving, but what we really want is to emulate the ball-striking of top pros like Tiger Woods and Paul Casey - perhaps even use clubs similar to theirs. Now we can.

With the Victory Red (VR) clubs currently being manufactured by Nike, Category One players can look at the VR Forged TW Blades version, while those still moving up into single figures can opt for the split-cavity back version -  Casey used the 4- and 5-iron split cavity in his win at the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth last week - which offer a little more forgiveness.

But those nice R & D designers and engineers at Nike have not forgotten all those mid to high handicappers who follow their pros' fortunes every week and want to share in the fun. The eight-club set (4-iron to sand wedge) of VR deep cavity back model really do look the business and, what's more, feel really good, too.

I first tried cavity back set with regular graphite shafts on the range at the  Stapleford Park Golf Club on a sunny but very breezy afternoon, with the wind gusting right-to-left. But it took only a few shots to develop a rapport with the clubs which give a satisfying, rising trajectory through the wind.

Nike says that 'the undercut cavity is contoured to position mass behind the centre of the clubface for increased feel and distance control'. They also say the 'face thickness increases from the top line to the sole to lower the centre of gravity in order to optimize trajectory'.

All I can tell you is that it wasn't very long before I was experiencing 'that feeling', not only with the short irons but with the 4- and 5- iron too, as I swept the ball away with increasing confidence. And with the clubs' perimeter weighting and offset providing forgiveness for any slight miss-hits, these Nike VR full cavity irons proved solid performers.

On the Nike website, you can watch Tiger hitting shots and expounding the virtues of the full cavity version compared to the Victory Red TW Blades he carries in his Tour bag and admits he caught a couple slightly out of the heel of the 7-iron. But they still carried the water to the green. There you go, even the World's No.1 doesn't get 'that feeling' every time!


Golf is a game of confidence and these cavity back irons will help golfers develop their game while helping cut out those disaster shots that can ruin your round.

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