716 AP2 iron review

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Andy Roberts
Wed, 23 Sep 2015
716 AP2 iron review
The most forgiving player irons on the market right now

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Superb forgiveness, great levels of feedback, soft buttery feel and pure sound on centre strikes, tour-proven chassis, ease of workability
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PRICE: £117.00 YEAR: from 2015

The Titleist 716 AP2 irons provide better players with the best possible blend of forgiveness, forged feel and firepower.

Titleist has shaped 56.2 grams of tungsten into its new AP2 long and mid irons (25% more tungsten than the former 714 AP2) and placed the weight low and out using an advanced co-forging process that generates a higher MOI (resistance to twisting), solid feel and more consistent distance on off-centre strikes.

Compared to the previous generation, the new AP2 has 8.5% higher MOI in the long irons and 5.5% across the full set.  


The biggest difference to the appearance of the new AP2 is a fractionally wider sole with trailing edge relief that is designed to aid better turf interaction.

The back bar on the former 714 AP2 has been moved down diagonally this time around to create a larger pocket cavity that is enclosed unlike the AP1 716 iron.

Although Titleist has chucked additional tungsten into the heel and toe of the new AP2 iron, there are no visible changes to the head shape or blade length with its relatively thin topline and touch of offset. It has the look of a thicker, more forgiving blade.

TESTED: Best player irons 2015


The acoustics of the 716 AP2 iron outshine the former 714 AP2 iron with a crisper sound on centre strikes and better feedback on off-centre hits.

We also experienced a buttery, softer feel at impact in comparison with both the new 716 AP1 iron and former 714 AP2 iron.

This iron also felt much easier to control the head, much to do with the greater MOI on offer.

Titleist’s new stock True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT shaft is proving all the rage among Titleist staff players right now and it easy to see why. True Temper has designed innovative "ascending mass technology" with the lighter long iron shafts adding launch and speed, and the heavier short iron shafts generating better control.


The 716 AP2 six iron provided exactly the same average carry distance as the 714 AP2 six iron at 179 yards (three yards behind the 716 AP1 iron).

Unlike the 716 AP1 irons that were cranked one degree, the 716 AP2 lofts remain exactly the same as before, and that more than likely explains the halt on any distance gains. 

The biggest performance gain over the 714 AP2, however, is accuracy. Of the 15 strikes during our testing, 13 of them veered no more than seven yards offline. This is arguably the most forgiving better player in the game today. 

We also noted improvements with the six iron when it came to backspin (5100 RPM as opposed to 4900 RPM) and launch angle (17.4-degree as opposed to 19-degree).


The 716 AP2 irons represent one of the most forgiving better player irons on the market right now.

While there were no radical changes in carry distance (we are more than happy with 179 yards of carry out of a six iron), you can work this iron both ways with ease.

Its accuracy, sound, feel and Tour-proven chassis alone, mean the 716 AP2 receives a deserved five-star rating. 

Unfortunately it all comes at a price at £117 per iron, but these are arguably the best all-round player irons you could have in your bag for 2016.