C200 iron review

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Andy Roberts
Mon, 15 Feb 2016

C200 iron review
Ease of launch, accuracy and extremely solid distance

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Power Holes boost the distance - one of Wilson Staff's longest game improvement irons ever; easy to get airborne and control; decent sound on centre strikes; value for money
Feel is suffice for a high handicap player, but lower handicap players may want a little more
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PRICE: £499.00 YEAR: from 2016

The latest Wilson Staff C200 iron is designed to dramatically improve distance and accuracy for the mid-to-high handicap player.

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The clubs have been developed within a "Feel, Crossover and Distance" (F-C-D) system to meet the scoring needs of every type of golfer. Wilson Staff defines players under these three categories so that club features and benefits can be matched with individual playing styles and abilities.

The C200 irons have been engineered for the "Crossover" player, identified as a mid-to-high handicapper seeking greater distance and accuracy with a midsize head.



At the core of the C200 innovation is FLX Face Technology, which minimises the contact points between the inner clubhead and its thin face.

To maximise face flex upon impact, Wilson Staff says 76% of the thin face is free from the body of the iron. To fill this gap, Power Holes have been created that go completely through the clubhead and provide space for the face to flex.


The moderate topline very much appeals on first look as it is not too thin or too chunky.

The eye-catching Power Holes certainly aid the shelf appeal and we think they're a nice new touch for a Wilson Staff iron as you can effectively see what you are buying into without even necessarily reading too much into it. 


There are probably several better-feeling irons on the market right now, but we think the feel will appeal enough for a higher handicap player.

We certainly couldn't fault its sound at impact, however. There is a nice "clippy" noise on centre strikes and superb feedback on squiffy hits. 

We also enjoyed great control and energy transfer throughout testing, much to do with the iron's stock high-end KBS Tour 90 steel shaft, which we must admit is one of our favourites. 

The stock Lamkin Crossline grip adds to the all-round feel. 


Considering the C200 irons fit the "Crossover" category, sitting in between "Feel" and "Distance", there was superb distance out of this one - much to do with the introduction of the Power Holes. 

Just as we've seen from several brands in recent years, there is a nice trampoline effect to the C200 with the face flexing at impact. We would say we were receiving an extra club of distance, with the 8-iron carrying close to 160 yards and 6-iron at 180 yards. 

For us, the C200 iron represents Wilson Staff's longest ever game-improvement model. 

As we've already mentioned, the feel was not quite as strong as something like a Wilson FG Tour iron, but those seeking the ultimate in feel will likely be better ball strikers anyway. 

But we certainly couldn't fault the C200 when it came to getting the ball airborne with a consistent mid to high launch - something just about every mid-to-high handicap will appreciate. 


For those looking for ease of launch, accuracy and extremely solid distance - arguably a club further than average - the C200 should be very much on the radar, especially at £499 for the set in steel. 

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