Maxfli Revolution wedges

And how to play them

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Fri, 30 Aug 2002
Maxfli Revolution wedges
Maxfli Revolution wedges
Maxfli’s latest sand and lob wedges.

Maxfli Exceptional Spin Series wedges (56-degree sand wedge and 60-degree lob wedge)

Price: £79.99

The main thing to remember when considering the purchase of a sand wedge or a lob wedge is to know how to play the shots first.

Sounds obvious but you’d be amazed how many club golfers have these gleaming clubs poking out of the tops of their bags – because they hear that pros carry up to four wedges – but haven’t a clue how to make the most of them.

I’ve seen dozens of handicappers dip into their treasure chest and proudly extract a super-duper club – like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat – then put an extraordinary agricultural swing on it and dump the ball even deeper into trouble.

I’ve been lucky over the years as a golf writer, to have had the benefit of a multitude of coaches and players to give me a few personal short game tips, while ‘ghosting’ their message to a wider audience.

So before I tell you what I think of two new attractive clubs from the Maxfli Revolution stable, let’s look at the shots you’ll need in your armoury to use them to their best advantage.

56-degree sand wedge

While this is predominantly for play out of sand – and I’m not going to inflict another bunker lesson on you – this is a very versatile club around the green.

From 20-30 yards out from a tight fairway lie you can play a real pro-shot that fizzes low and on the second and third bounces pulls up, as if being yanked on a dog’s lead, to settle by the hole.

One pro told me the secret is to position the ball just outside your right foot (for a right-hander) and grip down on the handle of your sand-wedge. Aim your feet left of target but keep them close together, weight favouring your left side.

With hands forward and clubface hooded to take the loft off the club, make a quick wrist break and deliver a short, sharp chop on the back of the ball.

There’s little follow through, which tends to keep the divot as a flap rather than detached.

Your mates will be gob-smacked as the ball fizzes forward, checks and rolls out gently towards the hole, allowing you to amble forward with the words, "I’ll just finish that, okay?"

Another useful shot to play with the sand wedge is the deep, tangled, lush lie beside the green. It’s the heaviest club in the bag and you need the bounce in its flange not available in the lob wedge.

An ex- Tour player who now takes short-game clinics revealed: "Square the clubface to the hole with your feet and body aimed slightly left. The secret is to hit down an inch behind the ball, turning your body through and holding the clubface open with a firm left hand grip.

"Transferring your weight to your left side and hanging on with your left hand grip, helps stop the clubhead turning over. The ball should plop out and roll."

Maxfli’s Revolution’s (Exceptional Spin) sand wedge is extremely good value at £79.99. It has a milled face and angled grooves that claim to deliver 15-per-cent more spin. I can’t claim to confirm that but certainly the spin it generated was just as impressive as clubs offered at twice the price and the feel matches its overall good looks.

60-degree lob wedge

To watch the likes of Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods play those high-flying parachute shots with their lob wedges is to gasp at real craftsmen at work.

The key to this is not to break the wrists early and keep the clubface pointing to the sky at all times.

A recent winner on the US Tour, explained to me that as well as a long, lazy tempo, the secret is to position the ball more in the middle of your stance, rather than off the front toe, as some might suggest.

With feet only a foot apart and aimed left of the target, keep your weight slightly on your right side and take the club wide on the back swing, keeping the face open as you slide it under the ball.

The follow through is important, too, so keep the clubface pointing to the sky as if balancing a glass on it.

You’ll hit the occasional skimmer but with a little practice you’ll boost your confident and amaze your friends with your new found skills.

Maxfli’s Revolution (Exceptional Spin) lob wedge produced impressive results and its silky smooth, nickel-core chrome finish attracted envious looks from golfing colleagues.


There’s much to be said for investing in extra wedges – and these new tools from Maxfli look and do the business. But learn to play the shots first.

Golfmagic rating: 8.5/10