Member Review: Mizuno Pro 2 Irons

Golfmagic Member Omar Saeed loves the new Mizuno Pro II his own personal review

Member Review: Mizuno Pro 2 Irons

Member Review: Mizuno Pro 2 Irons

Having used the very popular and very reliable DCI 962's for over a year, I decided it was time for a change, and why not, but what to go for next, now that was the question.

Callaway X-14's, arguably the best looking club Callaway have made, but still a bit spade like when addressing the ball, especially the short irons, although the strike was soft and forgiving, the overall looks (massive offset and thick top edge)were not to my liking.

DCI 990, now here is a lovely looking club, addresses the ball beautifully, nice solid feel, a bit more offset in the longer irons than the 962's, allowing better workablilty of the ball, ball is sent on a more penetrating flight with the shorter irons, and the longer irons are easier to get airborne.

Every thing looked in favour of a 990 purchase, that was until I struck a Mizuno Pro-II 4-Iron, I always make a habit of hitting the longer irons when testing them, If you can hit a 3 or 4 iron, then hitting the shorter irons in the set is going to be a lot easier.Member Review: Mizuno Pro 2 Irons

From the moment I struck the 4-iron, I was in love, I felt just has solid has the 990 but the feel was also very soft, even when using the hard distance balls. The longer Irons, I felt, sent the ball on an even more penetrating flight the the 990's and just as long which is what I was really looking for, considering that I play most of my golf at Wycombe Heights where the winds is always a factor.

The shorter irons were fantastic, they sent the ball on a lovely trajectory and the amount of spin I got from 8-PW was fantastic.

Mizuno classify the irons as cavity backs, but from the address point of view they look like blades and perform mainly like blades, the slight cavity they have, does offer a bit, just a bit of forgiveness

Treat these irons with respect and the will reward you, try to over swing or swing to fast and they will bite back, not the most forgiving of clubs to use when you have an off day. but if you can find a better looking and better overall perfomance iron on the market then i'd like to know.

Member Review: Mizuno Pro 2 Irons
The only minus point I would raise is the sand wedge you get with this set, altough not bad, I would rather use my Vokey 256.14, so if you already use a specialist sand wedge, stick with it.

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