Member review: Top Flite XL 2000

Dominic Magirr tests out the new long distance ball from Spalding...the XL2000 Aero from Top-Flite.

Member review: Top Flite XL 2000

Member review: Top Flite XL 2000
Top-Flite's newest golf ball, the XL200 Aero-extra carry is said to combine extra carry with an amazing soft feel. The ball has been designed aerodynamic dimple technology with a titanium wound cover and a tungsten core to provide feel and touch around the greens. Member review: Top Flite XL 2000

So, has kindly sent me six XL2000 Aero balls for myself and my friends, Chay and Christian, to review. This is what we thought:

Chay: "I think that they have a really good feel, excellent control and the distance they travel is outstanding. This ball does exactly what it says it will on the packet."

Chris: "I thought that the ball had a soft feel which was helpful round the greens and it definitely had excellent distance. The only way a golf ball could go any further is if one sprouted wings and flew away."

Dom: "There is no doubt this is an excellent golf ball and provides extra distance and feel, the only complaint I have is the extra distance, because if you do put any slice or hook on the ball it doesn't have much forgiveness and will keep going into the deeper rough or even out of bounds, as I found on a couple of occasions."

So there you have it…a ball that does exactly what it says on the packet, it can only go further if it had wings…and if you do have a habit of slicing, keep your eye on it won't you!

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