No more ferreting around for lost balls.


If you are like us, you will have hit a ball into a lake all too often and wished that you had a ball retriever with which to fish it out.

Even worse, maybe you’ve been able to see your ball, but not quite been able to reach it with a club? Or maybe you’ve reached the ball, but kicked up the mud, and all of a sudden the chances of juggling it out of the water are gone as it becomes too murky.

New technology.

Well, help is at hand with some new technology in ball retrieving – it's mudweasel. Featuring neither a net nor a small basket, instead two discs that rotate, with a rubber insert that grips the golf ball as the mudweasel rolls over it.

The makers sent us one through to test and this is what we found...

It certainly fits neatly into your golf bag. The three-piece telescopic arm allows the mudweasel to collapse down to something smaller than your driver. The locking mechanism, when a section is fully extended, was found to be reliable, securing each section firmly. A word of warning, however. Ensure each section is fully extended before attempting to lock.

Extendible arm.

Rolling the mudweasel forward through mud wasn’t always effective. It was better to pull it gently towards you. It works better on a slightly harder surface than soft, deep mud but can pick up at least three balls at a time - a real neat feature.

However, it was difficult to roll the mudweasel at maximum extension, or when too vertical above the ball.

Overall we liked it. Some bad points that are probably inherent with any ball retriever, but generally positive. At £21.95 currently, you might think it’s pricey, but you only need to retrieve 10 balls and you’ve made a saving.
GOLFmagic rating 7/10.

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