New Galvin Green base layer to heat up golfers this winter

Innovative thermal top and leggings offer extra warmth and comfort

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Mon, 28 Oct 2013
New Galvin Green base layer to heat up golfers this winter

THE latest innovation from high-performance golf clothing brand Galvin Green comes in the form of a stylish Thermal base layer designed to deliver optimum playing warmth and comfort for golfers this winter.

The new SkintightThermal East long-sleeved crew neck vest with matching Elroy leggings have been specially developed to help improve golf performance in cold conditions. Offering a less compressed option than other garments in Galvin Green’s popular SkintightTM range, the East and Elroy base layers heat the body to the ideal playing temperature more rapidly after being put on.

Both the top and leggings feature a combination of advanced knitting techniques and high-tech fibres to create a light, airy material structure for maximum comfort, breathability and moisture transportation when playing.

“The new Thermal garments incorporate the most technologically-advanced material available and the final product is the warmest base layer we’ve ever produced,” said Chief Designer Mats Lundqvist. “We know from customer feedback that there’s a big demand for a less compressed base layer, so both the East and Elroy have been designed with this firmly in mind.

“The latest Thermal option complements our SkintightCompression 10 and 20 base layers, which act as the ultimate performance option for serious golfers,” he added.

Both the vest and leggings come in Black/Dark aluminium (RRP £55; sizes XS-XXL), while the vest is also available in White/Dark aluminium.