Odyssey O-Works Putter Review

Odyssey Golf rolls out its best putter line to date. 

Odyssey O-Works Putter Review
A new way to Roll

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Fantastic feel upon impact, great alignment aid, smooth roll.
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PRICE: £179.00 YEAR: from 2017

Odyssey Golf has always been a leader in the putter market, bringing new and innovative designs to the most important part of the game.

The box-office brand has unveiled their new O-Works putters for 2017 - and they follow suit. 

Odyssey's R&D team were set the mission to look at the effect on an insert at impact. They came up with Microhinge Insert Technology.

The Thermoplastic Elastomer insert is now co- moulded with the new stainless steel microhinge surface containing individual hinges, which flex upon impact to produce more topspin to give you a better roll.

Callaway have also used counterbalance weights in the sole of the putter, along with heavier heads and shafts to promote more stability upon impact. Callaway claim that 60% of putts had a more consistent path in their testing, which we can vouch for as well, when we put them to the test around the traitorous desert greens of TPC Las Vegas.


The first thing you will notice with the new O-works putters is the dramatic and eye catching individual microhinges on the face.

As with the previous Versa models, the same striking black and white paint job has been applied. Odyssey have also updated their alignment tech to increase your chances of making those nervy five-footers. Red highlighted lines have been applied to allow your eyes to focus on the line and your target.


As you would expect from the number one putter on the market, the feel is exceptional on both the bladed and mallet versions.  The new Microhinge insert provided us with a precise feel throughout, and a pleasing sound on putts right out of the center.

Odyssey have teamed up with Super Stroke once again and offer three different grip options, to help eliminate those ‘wristy’ strokes.


The performance is always strong with Odyssey, and the new O-works models are no different. The Microhinge technology promotes a better, smoother roll. Whether you are coming from the fringe or the dancefloor, the putt is smooth and comes off the face clean and true.


Fantastically innovative technology, that works.

Great feel and sound from making a clean putt that will definitely challenge the very best. Don’t be surprised if you see this putter win a few of the big tournaments this year.

Appearance is crucial with putters as that will instil confidence in your stroke, but with the new O-works putters for 2017, coming in a range of Tour proven models, you will be able to find the perfect one for you.


Available Head Shapes:

Blades: #1, #1 Tank, #1 Wide, #2 and #9

Mallets: #7, #7 Tank, R-Line, R-Line CS, V-Line Fang CH and 2-Ball

Price: £179 (2-Ball models priced at £199)

Head to Odyssey's website for more. 

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