Best Golf Putters 2024: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know

Your guide to the best golf putters of 2024 and all the things you need to know ahead of purchasing the club that will enhance your game on the greens.

Best Golf Putters 2024
Best Golf Putters 2024

There have been many brilliant golf putters released in 2024 which have a variety of technological features to improve your game.

Whether it is the shape of the face, the angle of the neck or the weight of the putter, there are several elements that you need to consider when purchasing a new golf putter.

After recently testing out the best golf drivers for 2024, we have been getting our hands dirty with the best putters in the game.


We have reviewed several different putters from the likes of TaylorMade, Odyssey, Cobra, PING and Cleveland Golf, assessing their strengths and weaknesses.

This best putters guide for 2024 will be further updated over the coming weeks with all the latest releases, so stay tuned for our latest reviews. 

Now you may prefer a putter with a heavy head, which guides your stroke or you may want a club with a thin head and an angled neck to help with your alignment.

We aim to provide a comprehensive guide to the best putters of 2024. We state each of their best traits and areas we believe need improvement, and we also outline which putter will suit your game depending on your preferences and ability. 

Best putter overall: TaylorMade Spider GT 
Best putter for customisation: Odyssey Toulon 
Best putter technology: Odyssey Ai-ONE
Best putter for feel: PING DS72 C
Best putter with a premium milled construction: TaylorMade TP Reserve M47
Best putter in multi-material design: Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K
Best putter from short distances: Sik Golf Pro C-Series Armlock
Best putter for reliability: Evnroll Zero
Best putter for value: Cleveland Frontline
Best putter for alignment: Cleveland Frontline Elite Cero

How we test golf putters

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge tests each putter by using them for a prolonged period. Around a month’s use allows him to assess how well each club performs on the green. 

In our putter equipment reviews, Alex uses each club from a variety of positions on the green, hitting putts from both long and short ranges to test the overall feel of the club.

After using the putter for about a month, Alex gets used to the grip of the club, the weight of the head and the alignment technology at address. All of these elements are part of our thorough testing process. 

Using the putters on a variety of different greens and a variety of different contours to ensure a fair test, Alex received a well-rounded outlook on how each of the putters performs on several different terrains. 

We have reviewed the performance of both mallet and blade putters in 2024. 

Best Golf Putters 2024: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Putters 2024: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know

Best Golf Putters 2024

The latest putters deliver forgiveness, consistent roll and a sweet connection and this is why they are some of the most expensive golf clubs on the market. 

But can you put a price on holing more putts and consequently shooting lower scores? That decision likely depends on how seriously you take the sport. 

Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know

Here’s a selection of what we consider to be the very best golf putters in 2024: 

1. TaylorMade Spider GT Putter

Price: £199


  • Increased stability with a modern shape
  • Improved topspin with PureRoll2 insert
  • Steel Side Weight Construction stabilises off-centre strikes
  • Enhanced feel and improved dispersion

The TaylorMade Spider GT putter has incredible looks, a superb feel and a true roll. It is certainly up there with one of our favourite putters of 2024 and one of our favourite Spider putters.

This is an aesthetically pleasing, premium putter inside the top price bracket. When we tested this club, we experienced a significant improvement in the consistency of the connection from the club face. This is down to the Fluted Feel Shaft which increases stability in your putting stroke.

We found the standard SuperStroke grip to be extremely comfortable as well. It is vitally important that you find the best grip for your putter because if the club feels uncomfortable in your hands, this will hinder your game on the greens. The whole collection has a vast range of grip options which we advise you to test yourselves.

While testing the putter, we confidently holed putts from short range and we were pleased with our results from around 12 feet too. Whether you are making a birdie or par, confidence over this length of putt is very important and with the Fluted Feel Shaft and PureRoll2 insert, we found that this is a reliable putter that gives you a great chance of success.

The weight distribution across the club head is a significant feature that we found to help the consistency of the putting stroke. The lightweight aluminium with a 145g top plate eliminates excess weight in the middle of the putter. As you swing through the ball, this weight distribution makes your stroke feel effortless.



Odyssey Ai-ONE Putter
Odyssey Ai-ONE Putter

2. Odyssey Ai-ONE 7 CH Putter

Price: £289


  • Ai insert provides an incredibly consistent roll from across the face
  • Modern aesthetic looks fantastic
  • White Hot insert provides a lovely soft feel


  • No notable cons

Odyssey's Ai-ONE putters claim an impressive 21% increase in accuracy over traditional milled putters, backed by artificial intelligence and Callaway's supercomputing technology. The Ai-designed insert features variable thickness for optimised ball speed control and loss of speed on off-centre strikes. Tour players Jon Rahm and Sam Burns have already embraced the new Ai-ONE range.

The Ai-ONE's White Hot insert provides a soft yet responsive impact that former users of White Hot putters will love. Aesthetically, the CH 7 model introduces a Panlite window for a view of the insert's construction, which is a unique added detail, while the navy blue PVD Finish adds a striking visual element.

In terms of performance, the putter demonstrated remarkable forgiveness and consistency. Testing from various distances and strike points revealed tight groupings and consistent roll, emphasising the putter's ability to salvage poor strikes. While verifying the claimed 21% accuracy increase may be challenging, the putter's forgiveness and performance make it a compelling choice, especially for golfers aiming to reduce three putts. If you seek improved putting consistency, the Ai-ONE series warrants serious consideration.





Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know

3. Odyssey Toulon Putter

Price: £379


  • Midnight black finish looks great
  • Tried and tested on the PGA Tour
  • Softer feel off the face
  • Improved forward roll at impact
  • Reliable and steady putter


  • £379 makes this putter one of the most expensive ones on the market

The Odyssey Toulon putter is certainly a direct competitor to the best putters in the game. The Toulon family is extremely impressive and the craftsmanship has made this a very popular option for Tour players.

This club is very forgiving and we believed this comes down to the diamond-milled pattern on the face with full grooves. We found this feature offered a soft connection from the clubface and this promoted a positive roll. 

The customised weighting on the bottom of the putter helps with the consistency of your stroke. This feature has made this putter extremely popular out on Tour and it is because you can tailor the club to the tempo and angle of your putting stroke. You can complete this process online before you buy your putter at the Odyssey Toulon Garage.

We experienced the benefits of customised weighting first-hand. Your stroke and your putter feel synchronised and we attributed the success on the greens to this feature.

The black emerald Stroke Lab shaft has been reduced in weight by seven grams. Much like the weighting techniques used with the TaylorMade Spider GT putter, reduction/redistribution helps with the effortlessness of your putting stroke. 

We could see that every angle of this putter has been covered from the grip, shaft design and weighting in the club head. We felt the milled finish provided a great aesthetic feature to what is an extremely impressive club in both looks and performance.



Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know

4. Cobra 3D Printed and Vintage Putters

Price: £269 (3D Printed), £199 (Vintage)


  • 3D Printed: Sports car design is very attractive
  • Increased MOI, increased forgiveness
  • Descending Loft Technology  increases the quality of ball-striking
  • Increased feel
  • Vintage: Reasonably priced
  • Classic look is aesthetically pleasing


  • Vintage: Don’t possess as much technological quality as 3D Printed

Out of both ranges, We preferred the Cobra 3D Printed range (Agera, Supernova and Grandsport) and a large part of this comes from the Descending Loft Technology (DLT). This feature has proven to perform for several players in previous years on the PGA Tour such as Bryson DeChambeau, Brendon todd and Lanto Griffin.

DLT integrates four flat surfaces into one face and each plane goes down in loft by one degree from top to bottom. This putter is designed to deliver a consistent launch angle every time you hit your ball. When we tested the Cobra 3D Printed putter, we found that this technology delivered a solid strike with each putt and this also delivered a satisfying roll.

As ever, weighting is a feature that every brand focuses on. The Nylon Cartridge in this putter head allowed Cobra to reposition the weight and increase MOI. This means that your club is less likely to twist and move away from a true line. After testing this putter we found good consistency and the promise of less club twist is real.

The looks and design of the Vintage putters (Sport, Nova and Stingray) are arguably better than the 3D Printed range. Much like the Odyssey Toulon Garage, you can go online and choose the toe-hang and custom weighting of your new Cobra Vintage putter. The phrase ‘toe-hang’ refers to the shape of the head and different shapes will suit different putting strokes. Cobra encourages you to have a custom fitting session for this reason.

We were huge fans of the design of the Vintage putters. The colour scheme is very pleasing. However, the Cobra 3D Printed putters are a better product and this is why they are more expensive. The Agera model in the Armlock style is the standout model in this range because we found you can rely on DLT to massively improve your putting.

If you prefer blade putters as opposed to mallet putters, we enjoyed testing the Vintage Sport edition. At address and when hitting the ball, the feel was extremely positive and the design is aesthetically pleasing. 




TaylorMade TP Reserve M47 Putter
TaylorMade TP Reserve M47 Putter

5. TaylorMade TP Reserve M47

Price: £379


  • Stunning premium milled construction
  • Super soft feel at impact
  • True roll across the face
  • Quality leather head cover


  • Compact head not the most confidence-inspiring at address.

The TaylorMade TP Reserve M47 Putter offers a delightful design and flawless feel. Featuring a milled 303 stainless steel construction, precision-milled face grooves, and precision weighting, the putter delivers a pure roll with outstanding feel off the face. 

Offering a buttery soft sensation when struck out the middle, we did receive a reassuring amount of feedback from toe and heel strikes, which helps you adjust your stroke where necessary.

We particularly enjoyed using the M47 on downhill delicate putts. Due to the putter's weight, you feel like you just need to breathe on a downhill putt in order to get it to the hole. While we did struggle slightly more with longer putts, that's probably more down to our putting ability than it is the putter itself. 

In terms of looks, the M47 ticked a lot of boxes. The compact blade length and premium milled detailing combine perfectly with a beautiful brushed steel sole plate which oozes sophistication and class. 

At £379, the M47 doesn't come cheap, but if you are a putting purist who prioritises the premium fell on offer from a milled putter, then this could be just the one for you.


PXG Blackjack putter
PXG Blackjack putter

6. PXG Battle Ready II Blackjack 

Price: £349


  • Superb silver and black design
  • Outstanding level of customisation on offer
  • Thin face provides excellent feel and sound


  • Skull design headcover may not suit every golfer's taste

Inspired by PXG's iconic 0311 irons, the new Battle Ready II range is injected with a lightweight polymer that was engineered to enhance MOI while reducing vibrations for improved sound and feel.

Featuring precision interchangeable weighting and hosel customisation, the new range can be fine-tuned to perfectly suit any golfer's stroke.

The Blackjack is one of the higher MOI models in the range, with weight distributed to the perimeter of the head for increased forgiveness. The result? A beautifully balanced putter that produces a soft feel off the face with reduced vibrations and a muted yet satisfying noise.

The single alignment line on the crown of the putter provides a simple yet effective visual aid for lining up your putts, and the two-tone silver and black construction looks superb sat behind the ball.

Remarkably stable through the stroke, we particularly enjoyed the solid feel you get at takeaway, which helped us maintain a consistent and straight roll.

Performing well throughout the fitting and on the course, the Blackjack is an excellent putter that can easily go head-to-head with the most established putter brands on the market.


L.A.B Golf LINK.1
L.A.B Golf LINK.1

7. L.A.B Golf Link.1 Putter

Price: £479


  • Feels very soft off the face
  • Incredible forgiveness for a blade design
  • Excellent custom-fitting options


  • Costs as much as one month's rent

L.A.B Golf's LINK.1 putter utilises Lie Angle Balance technology to ensure the putter face stays square throughout the stroke without any need for manipulation from the hands. 

This allows a simple rock of the shoulders to generate a strong and stable stroke for a consistent strike off the putter's face.

Crafted from 100% CNC-milled 303 stainless steel, it offers a soft and premium feel at impact, with contact producing a subdued but satisfying noise.

The LINK.1 introduces a traditional Anser-like profile, expanding the brand's design range.

The putter's appearance blends classic heel-toe weighting with modern details, featuring a centerline shaft, thin topline, and sleek weight configuration.

Offering excellent levels of forgiveness, the zero-torque design keeps the head incredibly stable through impact, resulting in excellent offline dispersion even from toe or heel strikes. Performing particularly well on short putts, the weight and design promote a very repeatable stroke that delivers excellent performance.

While the price at £479 is steep, the LINK.1 is an attractive investment for serious golfers seeking enhanced putting precision and forgiveness.

The brand's virtual online fitting also accommodates worldwide customisation based on a 30-second video analysis of the player's stroke, with an array of customisable options available, you can build your putter to suit your stroke and style perfectly.


Golfyr Maker 3 Putter
Golfyr Maker 3 Putter

8. Golfyr Premier Maker 3 

Price: £562


  • Very confidence inspiring profile
  • Large head delivers bags of forgiveness
  • Weight is very well balanced


  • Very expensive
  • Headcover is a touch underwhelming
  • Hollow acoustics could take some getting used to

The Golfyr Premier Maker 3 putter stands out with its bold design featuring a large carbon fiber head and modern aesthetics. Initially polarising, its unconventional appearance quickly grows on us after a few putts. The deep and tall head, crafted entirely from carbon fibre, exudes confidence when addressing the ball. 

The crown's full carbon finish, complemented by three alignment lines, aids in framing the ball for improved accuracy. While the design may not appeal to those preferring a more traditional profile, it garners appreciation for its modernity and clean branding.

Despite initial expectations of a lively bounce, the putter offers a muted sensation upon impact, attributed to internal weighting that enlarges the sweet spot. However, the resulting loud and metallic sound upon striking the ball may be off-putting for some users, deviating from the softer acoustics typically associated with premium putters like those from Odyssey and Scotty Cameron.

Performance-wise, the Maker 3 impresses with its consistent roll and forgiveness, even on off-centre strikes. Despite its large profile, it allows users to maintain line and length well, contributing to improved accuracy on the greens. The drop in performance from sub-optimal strikes is minimal, a testament to the meticulous design and engineering invested in the putter.

While the Maker 3 delivers commendable performance and boasts distinctive aesthetics, its premium price tag may deter some buyers. While it's a top performer in its class, there are alternative options available at lower price points. However, for those seeking a unique and high-performing mallet putter, the Maker 3 is certainly worth considering.


TaylorMade Spider Tour
TaylorMade Spider Tour

9. TaylorMade Spider Tour

Price: £349


  • High MOI design offers bags of forgiveness
  • New gun metal grey colourway looks slick
  • TPU insert provides a nice soft feel


  • Quite a hefty price tag
  • Not a huge amount has changed since the original Spider Tour was released

The revamped TaylorMade Spider Tour putter features a sleek new silver finish but maintains its iconic design. Despite its reputation with top players like Jason Day, this putter remains versatile for golfers of all skill levels. The Spider Tour's large head and clear alignment aid instill confidence, making centering the ball to the target effortless. The new Gunmetal PVD finish complements the putter's look, providing a more subdued and appealing color palette.

The blue sole plate with Spider detailing and TaylorMade branding adds to its aesthetics. The TPU Pure Roll insert offers a soft feel at impact, providing feedback on off-center hits. The Spider Tour's subdued impact sensation allows for better distance control.

In terms of performance, it excels in line and length control, even on long putts. The high MOI head ensures accuracy and distance retention on suboptimal strokes. The alignment aid shines on shorter putts, making squaring the ball to the target effortless.

Overall, the Spider Tour impresses with its looks, feel, and performance. It's a go-to option for those seeking a high MOI putter that inspires confidence.

If you're in search of a reliable putter with a classic design, the TaylorMade Spider Tour is a worthy choice, suitable for golfers of all skill levels looking to enhance their putting game.


Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know

10. PING DS72 C

Price: £279


  • Constructed with High MOI and low CG
  • Clear alignment line on club head
  • Increased feel with shadow milled face and a tungsten insert
  • Suits golfers with medium putting tempo


  • Some golfers won’t like the centre-shafted design

The PING DS72 C putter is an extremely impressive option which is part of a 10-piece release by the popular company. As a result of such a vast number of products included in one release, PING has catered for golfers of all abilities and putting strokes.

We liked the design of this particular putter. The silver and black divide of the DS72 C model is visually appealing and the clear white alignment aid was very useful too. This is a simple feature on the top of the club that we found useful for your aim at the target.

This putter is designed with a shadow-milled face and a tungsten insert. This is said to improve the feel off the face and improve the connection with your ball. 
We thought this was certainly the case and the feel was equally as good as the more expensive clubs on the market that should supposedly perform better.

We were pleasantly surprised at how soft the face of this putter was. As you can see in our video review, the face has a very metallic design and PING has refrained from using any extravagance or overthought. If you are searching for a putter that guarantees a sweet connection, this is the one for you.

PING is one of many brands that strongly urge custom fitting. Especially with a release that includes so many clubs, you need to find the putter that suits your stroke. We reviewed the PING DS72 C model featuring a centre-shafted design. With the shaft positioned in the middle of the club head, this helped us to focus on the middle of the ball and it encouraged general stability.



Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know

11. Odyssey Tri-Hot 5k Putter

Price: £379


  • Improved overall performance via small refinements
  • Higher MOI and therefore, higher forgiveness
  • Reduced spin of off-centre hits
  • Thorough and impressive design 
  • Good feedback from off-centre hits


  • £379 is too expensive. They are good putters, but there are cheaper and better options.

The Odyssey Tri-Hot 5k putter was one of five putters that the brand brought out at the beginning of 2023. Odyssey promised that the refinements they’ve made have resulted in vast improvements and one of these is the forgiveness of off-centre hits.

These new putters have been made with more than 5000 MOI. This refinement was made to reduce the sidespin on your ball and instil stability in your putting stroke. This level of MOI isn’t common in blade putters because this level of forgiveness is usually associated with mallet heads.

We found that when we hit putts out of the toe and the heel, we received good feedback from the face of the club and received forgiving results on the green. It is important to note that with off-centre strikes, the feel wasn’t good. You could argue this isn’t a surprise, but you need a putter that has an optimised feel across the face.

We found the feel to be rather hollow. As most golfers aren’t professionals, we want as much forgiveness as possible and although our results didn’t diminish, we think the feel of the club could be better.

There is tungsten weighting in the heel and toe and there is stainless steel at the front of the club too. We were really happy with the look of this club. The multi-material finish gives the Odyssey Tri-Hot 5k an aesthetically pleasing outlook. Although this doesn’t count towards performance so much, we think the construction of the head is visually satisfying.



Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know

12. Sik Golf Pro C-Series Armlock Putter

Price: £449.00


  • Solid and steady stroke using DLT technology
  • Consistent launch angles bring consistency
  • Increased face control
  • Increased stability through impact
  • Extra stiff shaft enhances ‘buttery feel’


  • This new putting style and different grip will take time to get used to
  • £449 is very expensive

The Sik Golf Pro C-Series Armlock putter comes in several different lengths and it has become an extremely popular option on the PGA Tour due to the same Descending Loft Technology that is found in the Cobra 3D Printed putters.

This putter has a solid design and when you purchase one of Sik Golf’s products, you can customise different features of the club. Based on your height, putting stroke and lie angle, Sik Golf can customise your putter as you can with Odyssey and Cobra.

The grip and the design of the Sik Golf Pro C-Series Armlock putter eliminate the movement of your wrists in your putting stroke. The putter promotes the use of your arms and shoulders which increases stability. After two or three rounds of use, we found positive results and a general improvement on the greens. Despite the controversial nature of this club, it encourages stability and we experienced this first-hand.

If you are someone who struggles to reproduce a solid stroke over important putts, Sik Golf has certainly manufactured a wide range of putters which can improve your game. We found that this putter, and the technique that it instils, improve your putting from short range more than it does from long range.

We found that the Sik Golf Pro-C Series putter encourages less wrist movement and rocking the chest instead. A player such as Bryson DeChambeau mastered this motion with this putter. He was ranked 20th in strokes gained in putting on the PGA Tour in 2021.



Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know

13. Evnroll Zero Putter

Price: £449


  • Increased inconsistency
  • Increased forgiveness across the face with even weighting
  • Increased practicality with gravity grip
  • Improved roll with Sweetface technology
  • Increased heaviness helps with a steady stroke


  • The shaft angle is off-putting
  • £449 is an expensive price tag

The Evnroll Zero Putter may not have the most attractive design on the market, but it comes packed with technology which is meant to improve the weighting, the impact and the consistent roll.

The Face Forward Technology creates a shaft lean which isn’t common and can be off-putting, but we found this to be a good feature. Some golfers like to press their shafts forward with their putters to increase stability in their strokes. The Evnroll Zero putter has this position manufactured for you and we were confident of hitting straight and accurate putts with this design.

This unique design left us with one more thought: Can we read the putt correctly? This putter allows you not to worry about the consistency of your stroke. We found it very reliable and as long as you read your putts well, the club will always deliver a true roll.

Although we liked the gravity grip at the top of the club and we enjoyed the strength and control it gives you, the shaft inserts into the right side of the grip to promote the Face Forward Technology. This hinders the variation of grip that you can have on your putter which is one downside that we identified. 

The grooves are optimised from the centre of the club to the toe and the heel to improve the roll. This is called Sweetface Technology and we found that although this is hard to test, we were pleased with the roll and connection with off-centre hits. We discovered that all of these technological features will improve the consistency of your putting.

The Evnroll Zero putter may not be produced by one of the mainstream brands, but this doesn’t take away from its performance and consistency. The club is packed with technology to make sure your bad strokes are forgiven and your good strokes are rewarded.



Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know

14. Cleveland Frontline Putter

Price: £159


  • Appealing dark colour design
  • Reduced ‘Gear Effect’ on off-centre hits
  • Shifting weight means straighter putts
  • Increased speed on off-centre strikes
  • Best line of putters that we’ve seen from Cleveland


  • Higher quality market rivals

The Cleveland Frontline putter line is the best that the brand has ever produced. Having tested the Frontline 2.0 Flow Neck and the Frontline Elevado Plumber’s Neck putters, we found that the technology packed into these putters will immediately help your short game.

The 2.0 Flow Neck is better suited to golfers with a strong putting arc, whereas the Elevado Plumber’s Neck is suited to golfers with a slight arc. For £159.00, these putters represent very good value because they cater for a range of different golfers with a range of different putting actions.

We loved the designs of both putters. They looked smart, dark and as good as other putters that cost up to £200 more. As much as the design doesn’t affect your performance, the Cleveland Frontline putters certainly looked the part and the design made us feel confident at address.

The centre of gravity has been shifted to the front of the head in each putter to reduce the ‘Gear Effect’ on miss-hits, which is hugely beneficial for high handicappers who may not have such a consistent putting stroke. We found this feature to help with short putts because reducing the ‘Gear Effect’ helped us to hit straighter putts.

From six to eight feet, the putter performed extremely well for us and this is because of the technological features that Cleveland has included. The forged aluminium face felt slightly hard when hitting the ball, but we found that using a soft golf ball felt better because of this.



Cleveland Frontline Elite UST Cero SB
Cleveland Frontline Elite UST Cero SB

15. Cleveland Frontline Elite Cero

Price: £249


  • Head shape and alignment aids instil confidence at address
  • Nice soft feel off the face
  • Beautiful matte black finish


  • We prefer a heavier head, but this is amendable with the changeable sole weights.

Designed for increased forgiveness, the Cleveland Frontline Elite Cero features a forward-placed CG, Tungsten SOFT face insert, adjustable sole weights, and 2135 alignment technology. The putter is engineered to help golfers hit straighter putts with consistent roll-out thanks to a strong stable face at impact.

The putter's matte black finish and clear alignment aid offer a sleek, high-contrast look, while the hollowed-out mallet design features additional diagonal lines to help centre the ball at address.

We really liked the look of the head sat behind the ball, and we were equally impressed with how it performed in testing. The face stayed square through impact, with off-centre strikes only missing the target by a fine margin. 

Providing a soft feel off the face, the ball rolls nicely with a smooth and consistent path, thanks to the forward-place CG and SOFT Tungsten insert. 

Offering excellent forgiveness with a best-in-class alignment aid, the putter's performance and aesthetics make it a valuable addition to any golfer's bag.


Best Golf Putters 2024: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know

16. Mati Putters

Price: €300


  • Stylish and hand produced in Italy
  • Nicely weighted and good alignment 
  • Consistently firm but pleasant feel off face


  • Towards top end for price
  • Other putters are a tad more forgiving

No doubt a relatively new name in the golf equipment industry to many of you, Mati Putters was born 10 years ago by the brainchild of Seliano Brambilla. The name Mati comes from Seliano's daughter's name, Matilde. 

Mati Putters, which are R&A and USGA approved, are milled from solid blocks of SS303 steel and aluminium, and by choice of Seliano, it is Face balanced putters that are preferred in the range. This means the putter will have a face that faces upwards when you balance the shaft on your finger. It also means the centre of gravity is directly below the axis of the shaft. 

The two putters we favoured from the new Mati Putters range were the Yoroi and Synchro in their fresh blue versions. 

For a putter brand that we had never previously come across, the appearance of both of these flatsticks instantly appealed to us over the ball.

Looks are often a personal preference of course, but we think the blue finish is really neat, and it matches perfectly with the block of grey and subtle white alignment line. 

When it comes to feel off of both of these Mati Putters, we noted a consistently firm but pleasant feel off the face.

This was to be expected though, especially given all of the Mati Putters in the line take shape from a block of AISI 303 steel where more than two kilos of material have been milled to reduce them to the final 350 grams of the Syncho and 370 grams of the Yoroi. 

When it comes to forgiveness and performance, the Mati Putters do a fair job at helping you hole more putts. 

The Yoroi we found to be the much more forgiving of the two putters in our test, but the Synchro certainly ran it close. 


Cleveland HB Soft 2 Model 11 Putter
Cleveland HB Soft 2 Model 11 Putter

17. Cleveland HB Soft 2 Model 11 Putter

Price: £139


  • Clean aesthetics
  • Plenty of forgiveness from across the face
  • Distance control on point from the get-go


  • High-pitched metallic noise at impact

Designed with speed-optimised face technology and stroke-specific design, the new HB Soft range from Cleveland features a number of different models, but our favourite is the 11, which features a classic fang design. 

This putter has been specifically engineered in order to provide golfers with truer strikes and a more consistent swing feel, and straight out of the gate, we found it incredibly easy to put with. 

Distance control and accuracy were great from the get-go, and we found that, especially when lag putting from distance, this putter provided a really stable and consistent roll from across the face. 

While performance and forgiveness are undoubtedly where this putter excels, sadly, in the feel and sound department, it didn't rate quite as highly as other models on this list. 

At impact from across the face, this putter creates quite a loud metallic pingy noise that we found to be a touch distracting, while the feel produced is also considerably firmer than we would typically like.

In terms of aesthetics, this putter has a very clean overall finish with a minimalist design on the sole that ranks as one of the best on this list. 

Overall, this putter looks and performs great, but it's let down slightly by the feel and sound on offer. 

Coming in at only £139, it's also one of the cheaper options on the market, offering excellent value for money. 


IB Sweet Spot Putter
IB Sweet Spot Putter

18. IB Sweet Spot Putter

Price: £349


  • Focuses the mind on every putt
  • Excellent for short putts
  • Premium weight and construction


  • Struggled to utilise the putter effectively on longer putts
  • Zero forgiveness on offer

The IB Sweet Spot putter, created by Ivan Ballesteros, nephew of Seve Ballesteros, stands out with its unique design.

Its small head demands expert precision, making it suitable mainly for skilled golfers. The putter's distinctive appearance and heavy head contribute to a solid feel upon impact. However, its minimal forgiveness poses a challenge, requiring consistent contact to be utilised effectively

Paradoxically, this lack of forgiveness fosters intense concentration, aiding in eliminating distractions and improving focus on shorter putts. Nonetheless, long-range putting proves more difficult due to control and distance issues.

While the IB Sweet Spot putter offers a unique approach to putting, its effectiveness varies depending on the player's skill level and preferences. Despite its drawbacks, the putter excels in short-range putting and may appeal to players seeking a tool to enhance their focus and mental clarity on the green.




Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know



The grip of your putter is one of the most important parts of the club. Your hands need to be able to control the clubface and the length and width of the grip will have a significant effect on this.

SuperStroke offers a wide range of grips and often specialises in thick designs which wrap around the top of the shaft. Thick grips take a stronghold of the putter and you will feel more dominance over the club face. A thick grip can increase the effortlessness of your putting stroke.

A thinner grip could be found with the likes of Golf Pride, Lamkin or Winn. A thinner grip can help your hands and fingers connect more intimately with the shaft. If you are unsure of what grip to use on your putter, you can book a custom fitting.


One of the first things you will notice about a putter is the size and the design of the head. From mallets to pick-me-ups and from two-balls to bladed heads, there is a vast choice of putter heads that you can choose from.

The Sik Golf Pro C-Series Armlock and the TaylorMade Spider GT putters have large, forgiving heads which can help with your stroke consistency. As there is more weight behind the clubface, you don’t have to do as much work to return the club to the ball.

The Odyssey Tri-Hot 5k putter is an example of a club with a thin, bladed head which many golfers prefer to mallet heads. Much like many things in golf, the type of head is a matter of personal preference.

Length of shaft

When you get custom fitted for your putter, you can choose from a wide range of shaft lengths. The traditional length of a putter is between 32 inches and 36 inches. This length is used by most golfers.

However, many golfers also use belly putters which are between 41 inches and 46 inches. Belly putters are longer than traditional putters and although they are uncommon, this length of the shaft is available.

Longer putters between 48 inches and 52 inches, also known as broom-handle putters, are very rare. Long putters would require a completely different type of grip. Players such as Adam Scott have been seen using long putters on the PGA Tour with their left hand at the top of the club and their right hand in the middle of the shaft.

Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Putters 2022: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know


The designs of putter necks have evolved over the years. As you look down at your putter when you address the ball, you need to be pleased with the look of the neck above the head.

Types of hosel such as plumber-neck, flare-tip, long hosel, slant neck and centre-shaft are examples of what you find when you go and purchase your new putter. This is also another feature that you should discuss during a custom fitting session.

This subtle change in the configuration of the club can have a significant difference in the way you connect with the ball and the way you swing the putter. As you can see by the image we have used above, each brand uses several different hosel designs.


Whatever putter you choose to buy, whether it is a Sik Golf or an Odyssey Toulon putter, it will come with an alignment guide on the top of the club head. This helps with finding the middle of the golf ball when you make the connection.

This alignment aid can be a dot or a line and some putters don’t come with any type of alignment aid. Like many of these elements I have listed above, the type of alignment aid, or whether you even want an alignment aid, is your personal choice.

The TaylorMade Spider GT and the Evnroll Zero putters both have similar white lines which help you to find a good strike on your golf ball. This is a popular design and this is commonly used on most putters you will see.

What is a Mallet Putter?

A mallet putter is a putter with a large head shape. They have additional strength in the back of the club which helps with the consistency of your stroke and confidence when you look over the ball.

Mallet putters help with the effortlessness of your putting stroke. With the added weight at the bottom of the club, the face is less likely to deviate from a true line and you don’t need to do as much work to get the club face straight as you connect with the ball.

Mallet putters are commonly used in both professional and amateur games and this is because they offer enhanced performance benefits such as increased forgiveness and stability.

This type of putter is better for beginner golfers. At the start of your golf career, you want stability and steadiness and this is the biggest strength of a mallet putter. Golf beginners should establish a consistent strike with their putter and this is more likely with a mallet putter as opposed to a blade putter.

But many of the world’s best players on the PGA Tour and LIV Golf Tour use a mallet putter, even Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson, so mallet putters are certainly for everyone out there.

What is a Blade Putter?

A blade putter has a more traditional look and feel. As you strike the ball, you will feel a harder connection from the face and you are more responsible for the strike and roll you get on your ball.

Blade putters have narrow heads, far smaller than that of a mallet putter. Known as the ‘player’s putter’, a blade putter allows you to have more feel and control over your ball. A mallet putter does a lot of the work for you and arguably separates the feel of the ball from your hands.

If you have a blade putter in your bag, this must be more precise with your putting stroke and it stimulates you to find the middle of the clubface regularly. The alignment aid may be smaller on a blade putter, but this encourages you to use your feel and control to putt well.

Any golfer can use a blade putter, but as it is known as the ‘player’s putter’, it is suited to lower handicappers who back their short game and distance control. Tiger Woods has always used a blade putter during his PGA Tour career, for example.

Putting is very much a personal preference though, so there is no right or wrong putter when it comes to choosing a blade or a mallet. That choice is solely down to what feels best for you. 

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