PING Sigma G Anser putter review

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Thu, 15 Jun 2017
PING Sigma G Anser putter review

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Well balanced, classic head shape, forgiving
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PRICE: £175.00 YEAR: from 2017


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PING’s new line of Sigma G putters were hotly anticipated, as all new PING putters are.

The key piece of technology in the range - which includes 16 models - is a Pebax elastomer insert behind a milled aluminium face.

True Roll technology remains, which implements variable depth grooves to offer more consistency.  


The Anser style putter is one of the most renowned and loved head shapes in the sport.

Despite having a classic blade head shape, the overall aesthetic is modern, thanks to the premium finish and milled face.

Understated and classy PING branding makes this a gorgeous putter to look at.


It has a clippy feel off the aluminium face, which is quieter and softer compared o other putters in the range. Having said that, it has a louder sound than most blade style putters.

Definitely a distinct feel with the insert and aluminium face combo.

PING Sigma G Anser putter review


For a blade putter, the Anser is well balanced, which helped us square the club face from 10 feet and in.

It comes into its own from 10 to 20 feet, where we were able to lag it up to the hole every time, thanks to a heap of feedback on offer. We found we had conplete control over the head.

True Roll technology is a tried and tested theory, offering excellent levels of forgiveness on those off centre hits.

A variety of grips are available, dependent on whether you prefer a fat or thin product.


A well balanced blade, that works excellently from all distances. A stunning flat stick which your playing partners will drool over, offering a distinctive, clippy feel off the face. Pitched at a competitive price considering the competition in this performance bracket. 

Another excellent putter from PING to add to a long list.

Head to the PING website for more. 

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