Pure Red Kiawah

Mixture of modern groove technology and wide body high performance. Benross claims precision-milled aluminium face inserts maximise feel and feedback while face grooves help 'grab and grip' the ball at impact to impart more top-spin for smoother running putts. Mens RH only (3-degrees of loft), 33 and 34-inch shaft lengths

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Bob Warters
Wed, 14 Apr 2010
Pure Red Kiawah

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PRICE: £59.99 YEAR: from 2010

I have decided after much trial and error over many years that my putting stroke may be more suited to centre-shafted putters, than ones where the shaft enters the head toward the heel.

I feel more comfortable with alignment and with the sweet spot almost directly below the shaft. I feel it lends itself more to the straight-back, straight-through putting stroke I've perfected.

This is one of a handful of new Pure Red putters from Benross with high MOI heads -  less inclined to twisting at impact. Others are the centre-shafted Olympic and heel-shafted Colonial and Monterey.

I liked the confidence-boosting 'click' at impact and found it easy to judge distances on longer putts. I also appreciated the anti-glare black and red paintwork which reduces distractions in this crucial aspect of your game.

I also had empathy with the adhesive feel of the Golf Pride Pure Red VRAD putter grip which helped to keep the hands firm without too much tension.
What I didn't so much appreciate was the inability to pick up the ball on the back of the putter, despite the curved sabretooth shape of the head, reminiscent of the Odyssey model. When a short putt becomes a gimme, by a generous opponent, I want to be able to scoop up the ball on the flange, toss it in the air, catch it and clean it in readiness from the next tee shot.
While it's easy to guide the ball away from the hole with the Kiawah without bending, I could only pick it up with some deft juggling - not good for your nerves or your dignity.

A good solid putter that's easy to align and offers a satisfying sound at impact.

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