Versa Series #1

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Charlie Lemay
Mon, 5 Aug 2013
Versa Series #1
The bold alignment aid promotes confidence over putts. Allied with the Versa #1

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Great alignment aid, forgiving, well-balanced, soft feel
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PRICE: £111.00 YEAR: from 2012

With the Versa Series, Odyssey decided to use the entire head of the putter as an alignment aid rather thin lines or dots. The black and white head may take a while to get used to but once you’ve cracked it lining up putts becomes a doddle.

The absence of a line means you focus on the entire face rather than fretting whether the line on the top of your putter is pointing exactly where you want and this really improved my putting. If the head isn't facing towards your intended target you really notice it.

The new White Hot insert gives the putter a soft feel and the ball rolls true off the face. The combination of the classic blade and the bold alignment aid had me standing over my putts with complete confidence which promotes a proper putting stroke rather than jabbing at a putt which can often happen when you’re worrying about whether you are lined up properly.

The Versa #1 is forgiving and it produces a remarkably consistent feel even when struck off-centre. It’s also well balanced, an important factor for a blade-style putter, and I didn’t need to work to stop the putter twisting.  


The bold alignment aid promotes confidence over putts. Allied with the Versa #1’s soft feel and forgiving nature, the putter is one of the best on the market.

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