Review: Adams 9031 hybrid

Golfmagic takes a look at the new Adams hybrid

Review: Adams 9031 hybrid

With the new SUPER 9031 Hybrid, Adams Golf made refinements to one of the most popular hybrid models on tour (original Idea Pro Black 9031) to give them even more distance while maintaining the look and control they want.

THE Adams 9031 has the head shape of a driving iron rather than a fairway hybrid which may attract or repel some people depending on their preferences.

It has a nice big face which instils confidence and the club sits comfortably behind the ball. The black face and shaft contrast nicely with the white finish of the head. It incorporates the subtle graphic design used on all Adams’ woods and hybrids in 2013 and the understand nature of the design appealed to me.

Suprisingly for a hybrid with a relatively thin head, the 9031 is easy to hit. The big face means you get good return for shots hit slightly off centre and even when not struck perfectly the ball was going a good distance.

The best thing is the feel of this club and the workability it offers.

When struck out the middle you wonder why you would ever choose another hybrid. It’s so soft and pleasurable I found myself going through all my balls at the range just to get the magical feeling it offers when struck properly.

It allows better players to control their shots in any direction, be it right, left, up or down and the hybrid makes it easy to do. Slightly change your path and you’ll see the ball react accordingly.


A hybrid with an incredible feel which also offers workability.

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