Review: PING Karsten iron

What do we make of PING's new maximum game improvement iron?

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Thu, 13 Mar 2014
Review: PING Karsten iron

PING KARSTEN irons are made of 17-4 stainless steel. Longer distance comes from precision-engineered loft and club length progressions scientifically paired with wide sole designs that yield a deep CG.

The Custom Tuning Port integrates with the sole, which reinforces the thinner face to increase ball velocity for greater distance and maximum height.

Made of soft elastomer, the CTP produces a solid feel, an attribute that is often sacrificed in distance-focused irons. The forgiving sole positions the CG low and back for higher maximum height while helping the club glide through the turf for increased forgiveness.

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Not the sexiest looking iron ever to come out of PING but that's a tough comparison to make given we're still drooling over the company's new better player S55 and i25 irons.

The face appears quite long and the sole is wider on the toe than on the heel which drops the CG, making it more forgiving. A club for the maximum game improver at mind. Love the massive sweetspot on offer as you simply can't miss it.

The new CTP tuning port integrated into the face encourages a nice crisp sound and feel at impact. The thin face contributed to a much faster ball speed, too. PING CFS is a lightweight shaft and you feel like you can really go after the ball with it.

Performance-wise, Karsten irons are exceptionally long and balls fly nice and high off the face. This is certainly one of the longest game improvement irons on the market today. You won't be short of the pin with these babies. Pretty easy to work as the slight offset encourages a nice little, bullet draw. Easy to keep the ball under the wind, too, which is perfect for links golf and those low runners. Decent launch angles and very forgiving. You can't miss the sweetspot. Even shots off the toe.


More of a club for the maximum game improver or someone struggling to increase their distance. You barely need to put a swing on these irons and they'll fly. Forgiving, too. Not quite as sexy as PING's better player S55 and i25 irons but golf is no fashion show after all.

Expensive as they're hot off the press but you get what you pay for when it comes to game improvement irons from PING. While G25 represents the best game improvement option out of PING Towers, these are arguably just as impressive.

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