Should you buy the NEW Motocaddy S1 DHC Electric Trolley?

Alex from GolfMagic tested the Motocaddy S1 DHC electric trolley and compared it to the old model to assess the key improvements.

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Matt Chivers
Mon, 28 Mar 2022
Should you buy the NEW Motocaddy S1 DHC Electric Trolley?

Need To Know

- The Motocaddy S1 DHC electric trolley can deal with any terrain with its downward hill control and electronic brake features.
- The Motocaddy S1 DHC electric trolley is £649.99 could be too expensive for some people.
Our score:
PRICE: £649.99 YEAR: from 2022

The Motocaddy S1 DHC electric trolley is the reincarnation of the Motocaddy S1 electric trolley, which is regarded as one of the best that has ever been made.

DHC stands for 'downward hill control' and this new feature helps to control the trolley on tough terrains that would make normal trolleys topple over.

There is also an electronic brake which contributes to the new downhill control feature. At £649.99, this new Motocaddy electric trolley certainly justifies its price increase from the previous model (£599.99).

The new Motocaddy S1 DHC electric trolley has a next-generation high-power 28-volt system. This makes the trolley durable and Alex was blown away by the functionality of it.

The product is very easy to fold up which makes it practical and easy to put in your car to travel with. The design is also very sleek and futuristic.




The product is not too heavy or bulky. It is a robust trolley and Alex showed that over different terrains and surfaces, the trolley showed no sign of wear and tear.

The Motocaddy S1 DHC could easily serve your game for up to 10 years with its performance. It also has Easilock compatibility which locks in the product and makes it solid.

The product is great and it also makes your round fun and enjoyable. You can kick back and walk along the fairways with minimal physical exertion or pressure on your back.

Motocaddy is one of the best electric trolley brands in the business and the £50.00 increase in price from the old S1 model is certainly justified with all of the new features. 

The storage facilities in the trolley are superb and there is also a USB port for you to charge your devices. This product is certainly an all-rounder.



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