TaylorMade RSi 1 iron review

Face Slots in an iron for the first ever time, but do they really make a difference?

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Wed, 28 Jan 2015

TaylorMade RSi 1 iron review

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Brand: TaylorMade
Model: RSi 1
Category: Game improvement
RRP: £699
Loft: 26.5-degree
Length: 37.63”
Shaft: True Temper REAX 95
Grip: TM Red Cap

Key Features

  • Face Slot Technology - two slots are located near the heel and toe to provide uniform flexion across the face and more consistent distance on off-centre hits.
  • Improved Speed Pocket with Thru Slot Technology - ball protection on shots struck below the centre of the face


Not a million miles off the look of a better-player iron, despite possessing the widest sole of the new RSi iron family. All testers salivated over the gun-metal finish, making it almost forged-like in appearance. Eye-catching new Face Slot Technology stands out and acts as a great alignment aid, while an improved Speed Pocket features on the sole. Tester's comment: "I am not sure what these new Face Slots do, but they certainly lock you into position."


Soft off the face on all types of strike and a slightly nicer sound at impact than the iron it is replacing - SpeedBlade. The stock True Temper REAX 90 shaft is nicely weighted and easy to control for all swing speeds. Tester's comment: "This is the Daddy, feels like I'm in charge." 


RSi 1 will iron out your inaccuracies as there is now forgiveness across the entire face of the iron. Four testers praised RSi 1's consistency when it came to ball striking, distance control and accuracy on off-centre hits, aided by the new Face Slot Technology on squiffy hits out of the heel and toe. Not in the league of Big Bertha distance, but not far off thanks to the improved Speed Pocket in the sole. Mis-hits lost very little distance. Not the easiest to work, however, but when you can hit it straight, is there really any need? Tester's comment: "You cannot miss the sweetspot, or your target."


Well deserving of the gold medal in our test, albeit a narrow margin of victory over its stable-mate the RSi2. Superb forgiveness, ease of launch, ideal trajectory and distance control. Soft feeling and the standard REAX shaft is very easy to control for average swing speeds. Hard to fault other than the £700 price tag, but you cannot put a price on lower scores. Get involved.

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