Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood Review: "Better players will love this one!"

The Wilson Dynapower Fairway Woods offers plenty of pop, launch and value for better players.

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Andy Roberts
Sun, 30 Apr 2023
WIlson Dynapower Fairway Wood Review: "Better players will love this one!"

Need To Know

Plenty of firepower off the face; easy launch from a range of different lies; Tour-inspired head shape; no gloss on the crown; great value for money for better players
Not the most forgiving; not the nicest feeling especially on off-centre hits; lacks adjustability but a custom fitting can sort that out
Our score:
PRICE: £199.00 YEAR: from 2023

Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood - Key Features

  • High MOI Head Design: 12-gram rear weight to produce a higher moment of inertia, delivering forgiveness and higher launch angles for consistent distance performance
  • Dynapower AI Face: for even faster ball speed over the entire area of the face, providing more performance on miss-hit strikes
  • Advanced Tour-Inspired Shape: inspired from input from tour players during testing, resulting in a flatter head profile for a cleaner look at address position.

The Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood is a fantastic option for better players seeking an improvement in their ball speed figures as there is plenty of pop off the face with this one. It's also easy to get airborne. 

That's not to say mid-handicappers won't gel with this fairway wood, as there is plenty of forgiveness on offer here, but we feel better ball strikers will get the most out of this one, especially if they opt for a custom fitting due to the lack of adjustability on offer.

Although we consider there to be better alternatives out there for game improvers, we were still left mightily impressed by the Wilson Dynapower 3-wood and for that reason it features heavily in our Best Fairway Woods buyer guide for this season. 

Wilson first launched Dynapower some 70 years ago, and now they've brought the name back, which is a nice touch.

PGA Tour pro Kevin Kisner, who recently signed for the brand, has already put the Dynapower FW in his bag for this season. 

The clubhead has been designed with input from Wilson Staff professionals like Kisner, so better players will more than likely enjoy the look of this fairway wood, which is available in 15, 18 and 21 degrees.

Let's take a closer look. 

Player Level

There's plenty of forgiveness on offer with the Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood to keep mid handicappers happy, but better players will definitely prefer this one. Anyone with a 12-handicap and lower should give this one strong consideration this season. The head has been inspired from input by Wilson Staff players and it's very much a better player's fairway wood.

Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood - Looks and Feel

Straight out the box, we were impressed with the appearance of the Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood.

It's got a lovely dark satin finish about it so there is zero gloss on the top when out in the sun. That's an instant pro for us. 

The crown also features a neat red line around the back of the head to further help frame the ball nicely at address.

The Wilson Dynapower has great shelf appeal with its red and black design.

The Dynapower logo is splashed on the sole with the famous Wilson Staff logo sat about it. It's a very classy looking 3-wood, and the head cover furthers adds to its appeal.

We also admire the subtle scorelines on the face of the club, which further helps when it comes to setting up to the golf ball. 

Another big tick in the appearance stakes is the clubhead's fairly shallow face, while the sole hugs the ground nicely. The head really does sit nicely behind the ball both off a tee peg, in the fairway and the first cut of rough. 

There's also a subtle logo in the middle of the crown to help align your ball to the target. 

In terms of feel, centre hits felt great. Off-centre hits, on the other hand, were much harsher. We noted much more of a muted sound at impact, certainly in comparison to some of the other premium fairway woods we've tested this season. 

Sound, feel and looks are very much personal preference, but on the whole, we think the Wilson Dynapower ticks plenty of boxes.

Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood - Forgiveness and Performance

The best trait of the Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood undoubtedly lies in its ball speed. We noted some of the strongest ball speed numbers during our testing, made even more impressive given its cheaper than some of the game's biggest brands such as TaylorMade and Callaway. 

This 3-wood, which we tested out in 15 degrees, had plenty of pop off the face from the tee peg, fairway and intermediate rough. It's not quite as long as the TaylorMade Stealth Plus Fairway Wood but it's right up there when it comes to distance. 

Its ball flight also appeals from a range of different lies. The 12g situated in the rear of the sole really does help boost that MOI and help get it airborne for you.

We often struggle to hit high-launching fairway wood shots, especially from off the deck, but the Wilson Dynapower does a great job. You almost feel like you don't have to put a great deal of effort into it and the ball will just pop up nicely off the face.

On the flip side, if you did want to hit a lower shot into the wind, say out on the links, then you could be in a bit of bother. But that's really where a custom fitting will come into play here in order to find the perfect trajectory to suit your game and your needs. 

This club is definitely one of the highest launching fairway woods out there this season, so if getting your ball up in the air quickly is an issue for you then this one deserves close attention. 

In terms of forgiveness, the Wilson Dynapower sits in the middle of the pack. It was certainly above average for offline dispersion, but just not quite as forgiving as the Cobra AeroJet Fairway wood

All in all, a very powerful fairway wood with a fair amount of forgiveness. 

Should you buy the Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood? 

Better players will absolutely love this fairway wood, especially its appearance and fast ball speed figures. There are slightly more forgiving fairway woods out there in 2023, but with a bit more adjustability in a custom fitting session, we feel this one could just about offer it all for you. It feels great on centre hits, felt extremely easy to pop nicely up in the air quickly, and it's extremely long. When you consider it's also cheaper than many of the other best fairway woods out there this season, we would highly recommend you take a closer look at the Wilson Dynapower line. 

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