MacGregor V Foil Speed Fairway Wood and Hybrid Review: "Fantastic value"

The MacGregor V Foil Speed FW and Hybrid are the perfect clubs for higher handicappers and golf beginners. 

Solid distance with the FW off a tee peg; lots of forgiveness with the hybrid; both clubs look superb at address with a matte finish that reduces glare in the sun; superb value for money
Not the easiest FW to hit off the deck; you do sacrifice a nice feel and sound at impact as a result of the price

MacGregor V Foil Speed FW and Hybrid - Key Features

  • High MOI: designed for increased stability on each strike
  • Easy launch: confidence inspiring profile at address and a shallow face design for increased launch from a variety of lies
  • Superb turf interaction: engineered sole for increased ball speeds and distance with minimised chances of chunking shots
  • Forgiveness: expanded sweet spot for greater forgiveness on off-centre hits
  • Explosive ball speed: ultra-thin face for increased ball speed and added distance

The MacGregor V Foil Speed fairway wood and hybrid represent fantastic value for money in the high-handicap market.

While these clubs aren't anywhere near as impressive as the likes of the Cobra AeroJet Fairway Wood and Hybrid, they do offer amazing value for money when you consider they cost 75% less than the Best Fairway Woods and Best Golf Hybrids on the market.

If you class yourself as a golf beginner or a high-handicap golfer, then you could do a lot worse than pick up the MacGregor V Foil Speed Fairway Wood and MacGregor V Foil Speed Hybrid in 2023. 

Let's take a closer look at them...

Player Level

Higher handicap players and golf beginners who are looking for forgiving clubs that will save them some in the process, which could be better spent on range and playing lessons. 

MacGregor V Foil Speed FW and Hybrid - Looks and Feel

When it comes to looks, we are a big fan of both the MacGregor V Foil Speed fairway wood and hybrid.

This is because of the matte finish on the crown, which is great particularly when out in the sun. It reduces any glare that you receive from a glossier finish such as on the new Cobra AeroJet FW and Hybrid. 





We also admire the graphics on the crown, which really help frame the ball nicely. This is complemented with a small triangle in the centre to help you find the middle of the clubface, as well as really clean white scorelines on the face of both of the clubs. 

So a big tick for MacGregor in the appearance stakes here. 

The feel isn't the nicest with a slightly harsher feel and sound off the face than others. But given the price difference you would expect that, so this wasn't entirely surprising.

Given these clubs are targetting much higher handicap players and golf beginners who don't want to pay full whack on the very best fairway woods and hybrids on the market, we are fairly confident that such golfers will be more than happy to sacrifice feel for improved forgiveness and performance. 

MacGregor V Foil Speed FW and Hybrid - Forgiveness and Performance

Thankfully there is plenty of forgiveness on offer when it comes to both the MacGregor V Foil Speed fairway wood and hybrid. 

No matter the strike we put on both of these clubs from off a tee peg, the offline dispersion was impressive. The fairway wood had plenty of spring off the face, too, which was really pleasing to see. It wasn't quite as long as some other fairway woods we have tested this season, but it was more than acceptable for something costing a third of the price. This is all a result of the ultra-thin face packed into the FW. You're probably looking at around a loss of 10 yards off the tee in relation to the very best fairway woods out there, which isn't a huge yardage difference given the price. 

We did find it tricky to hit the fairway wood quite as cleanly and purely off the deck. It is quite a big head, so you might want to bear that in mind. It's nowhere near as compact as the Cobra AeroJet fairway wood, for example. Hitting 3-woods off the deck does take a lot of practice as well. 

With the hybrid, however, we received ample distance but plenty of forgiveness from a range of different lies. We felt really comfortable popping this ball up in the air quickly, and more often than not it travelled down our intended target line. The forgiveness with the V Foil Speed Hybrid was real impressive for something costing less than £70. This hybrid is a great alternative for those of you who struggle to hit long irons such as a 3, 4 or 5-iron. 

So to summarise, the fairway wood offers plenty of pop from the tee peg, while the hybrid gives you tons of forgiveness.

Should you buy the MacGregor V Foil Speed FW and Hybrid?

As we touched on at the top of this review, the MacGregor V Foil Speed Fairway Wood and MacGregor V Foil Speed Hybrid are perfect clubs for higher handicap players and golf beginners who want to save some money, and perhaps spend the extra bit of cash on some lessons. We would definitely recommend this particular target market to take a closer look at both of these clubs. They both represent incredible value for money, especially during a testing cost-of-living crisis for many of us right now. MacGregor also has a great value-for-money package set for beginners available with its MacGregor CG3000 package set

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