Wyndham Clark shocks golf fans with another (!) wild claim ahead of Ryder Cup

Having previously claimed he is a better player than Rory McIlroy, US Open champion Wyndham Clark has doubled down on his comments with another audacious claim. 

Wyndham Clark
Wyndham Clark

Wyndham Clark has doubled down on his controversial Rory McIlroy comments by claiming he's "better than every player" ahead of the Ryder Cup

Clearly in a confident mood following his practice round, US Open champion Clark added fuel to an already roaring fire as he followed up his claim he was a better golfer than four-time major champion Rory McIlroy by saying he is "better than every player". 

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In an interview with Sky Sports Golf on Tuesday afternoon, Clark doubled down on his comments about McIlroy. 

Clark said: 

"By no means has my career been as good as Rory McIlroy, I mean, he's one of the best players, and I said that in the interview, that I had tons of respect, and I think he's still one of the best players, but at the same time I mean I think I'm better than every player. How could you not think that, and if I don't think that, then what am I doing out here."

Clark sits eight spots behind McIlroy at 10th position in the Official World Golf Rankings heading into this week's Ryder Cup. 

Only the two-time PGA Tour winner considers he is the best player in the world. 

Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy

Attempting to prevent any accusations of arrogance that might be thrown against him, Clark stood resolute in his statement.

The 29-year-old American added: 

"It had nothing to do with any sort of arrogance or cockiness. It was more of I'm just trying to have self-belief in myself."

While Clark's self-belief is admirable, it could also come back to bite him in the not-too-distant future.

Clark was quick to predict what many golf fans around the world will now be hoping for when he suggested that fate would inevitably throw him up against McIlroy on Sunday. 

He continued:

"It's always funny after a comment like that, I'll probably end up playing him in singles and you know maybe I'll get a slice of humble pie, but at the same time I really think I can beat anyone when I'm playing good, and I'm sure anyone out here thinks the same thing."


Clark has certainly put a big target on his back this week, and his comments could provide an added level of inspiration for Team Europe when play gets underway in the foursomes on Friday morning. 

We think we speak for the majority of golf fans around the world when we say we've got our fingers crossed for a McIlroy vs Clark Sunday showdown at Marco Simone. 

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