Jon Rahm provides GolfMagic with his No.1 pre round drill

If time isn't on your side, this quick and easy putting drill could be the best way to prepare for your round, according to Jon Rahm.

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Thu, 16 Nov 2023
Jon Rahm

Whether you've slept through your alarm or the traffic was bad, being late for a round of golf is never ideal.

While you may not have time for an entire practice session on the range, this quick putting drill that Jon Rahm told us about during the launch of Odyssey's new range of Ai-ONE putters at PGA Omni Frisco in Dallas could be the best thing to do in order to prepare mentally and physically to bring your scores down. 

It's certainly not rocket science, but Rahm explained that by holing 20-30 short putts from close range, you are not only physically preparing yourself to hole those same putts on the course, but you are also giving yourself positive affirmation heading into your round.

By seeing those putts drop in, you will give yourself the confidence to replicate the process on the course. This self-belief should also stick with you on to the first tee and provide you with a positive state of mind to hit a good opening tee shot.

So, how does the drill work?

You want to start by placing six balls around the hole, leaving yourself with six putts, all from different angles, featuring different levels of break, measuring roughly four feet. 

From there, you simply want to hole as many of them as you can, continuing the drill until you tee off. 

Ideally, you would like to make 20-30 putts, but 10-15 would do if you are really short on time. 

Watch GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge show you how it's done.

So, while this drill may not be the most mentally stimulating or complex, it's an excellent way to prepare both your mind and your body to remain positive during your round, and it will hopefully take the nerves out of any tricky little four footers you might leave yourself with throughout the day.

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