PGA Tour pro argues with weekend warrior over 'new caddie' claim

PGA Tour pro Michael Kim exchanged a war of words with a weekend warrior after the golfer was told he needs a new caddie.

Michael Kim
Michael Kim

If you're not aware PGA Tour pro Michael Kim is likely one of the best follows on X. 

Pretty much every week you can count on Kim to share some cool behind-the-scenes content. 

He'll also regularly take part in Q&As and, for the most part, provide illuminating responses. 

For example, the other week he hit some bombs then was immediately called in for drug testing

Last week Kim was in the field at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans


The pairs event saw Kim play alongside K.H. Lee and the duo finished T-11, earning $69,070 each

Kim took the social media platform after the event to express his gratitude for the volunteers. 

"We, as PGA Tour pros, clearly don't give them the appreciation that they deserve," he wrote. 

Kim also explained why the format is so cool as it 'frees him up' over shots. 

"It does have to do with the fact that I have someone to lean on," Kim wrote. 

"But it's something that I've been working on and I need to fully embrace it."

Here's where things got a bit spicy as one of Kim's followers told him he needs a new caddie. 

"This will sound direct but you need a new caddie," @TomatoTEEJ wrote to Kim.

"Someone who creates the same atmosphere as this weekend when you step up to a massive shot.

"Sure, I'm just a weekend warrior. But [I] wholeheartedly believe a caddie can unlock your best self."

Kim wasn't having it at all. Not one bit. 

Michael Kim bites back
Michael Kim bites back

He fired back: "This will sound direct and you're entitled to your opinion but you're wrong."

The user replied: "Imagine citing, 'I'm way less timid' and that's what allows me to play better.

"And not contemplating if there's anything that can be done to control the timid response when solo.

"Stating new caddie was too much. But learnings can certainly come by viewing through my lens."

Kim asked the user what he should work on if the 'weekend warrior' was his looper. 

"Get you to take the aggressive lines, because you don't fear failure, you believe if you fail, you'll be able to bail yourself out," came the reply. 

"And I think that confidence is rare, but can achieved with the right mentors."

The user apologised for saying he needed a new caddie. 

"I should have stated it's a very real emotional journey most players go through, and the right player-caddie relationship can make the world of a difference."

After the tensions cooled somewhat, Kim wrote the notion is 'much harder than it sounds'. 

"As your brain is uniquely designed to try and survive not thrive and that is true for everything you do not just golf," he wrote. 

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