Tiger Woods sparks war among golf fans with expected announcement

Tiger Woods appears to have divided opinion among golf fans after officially launching his premium clothing brand Sun Day Red.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has officially launched his premium brand Sun Day Red. 

And it's fair to say prices of the clothing and accessories have divided opinion. 

Woods left Nike after 27 years in January and it didn't take the sleuths long to uncover the fact the golfer had filed a Sun Day Red trademark. 

The venture is a collaboration with his equipment manufacturer, TaylorMade, and we got a sneak peek of what was to come in February when he debuted a few pieces during the PGA Tour event Woods hosts annually in Los Angeles. 


Then we saw some more clobber as Woods played his 26th Masters in a row at Augusta National. 

On 1 April, the line officially launched and Woods marked the occasion with an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. 

Woods nodded when Fallon described the collection as 'athleisure'. 

"It’s about athletes being first, and designing something for the athlete, so that we can perform at a higher level," the 48-year-old said. "And here we are with Sun Day Red."

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Asked about the name, Woods joked: "Maybe because I've won a few tournaments on Sunday, while wearing red."

He added: "The red story is actually a good one. It comes from my mum. My mum thought that with me being a Capricorn, it’s my power colour or some BS like that.

"So I ended up wearing red, and winning some junior golf tournaments, and then to spite her I wore blue and I did not win those tournaments. So mum is always right."

Understandably, one immediate question was just how much will Sun Day Red apparel set you back?

Well, if you've got deep pockets then you will be able to afford some kit. 

This Sun Day Red ball marker will set you back $50
This Sun Day Red ball marker will set you back $50

Here's a selection of prices:

  • Long sleeve dark nebula T-shirt: $85
  • Delta PQ polo: $120
  • Dynam slim pants: $165
  • 3D knit polo: $150
  • Jupiter mid hat: $50
  • Tour leather glove: $45
  • 3D knit lightweight hoodie: $200
  • 3D knit mock: $150
  • Towel: $55
  • Limited edition ball marker: $50
  • Training dry hoodie: $135

After the launch, a number of X users posted their thoughts. 

"This won't sell," one wrote. "We all love Tiger but that's just ripping people off."

Another added: "This is very disappointing for a loyal fanbase."

This user twisted the knife: "Understand the premium aspect but at least sell stuff that, at a bare minimum, looks premium. The hat is the only thing that's reasonable, everything else is overpriced junk."

Of course, it was not lost on some that there were no offerings available in red. 

"What a disappointing drop," another added. "Almost like they weren't ready. Nothing in red?! 

"Basically anything that he has worn wasn't on the site.

"Any cool design with the logo is marked as 'coming soon.'"

What did you make of the offerings from Sun Day Red?

Don't hesitate to let us know on our social media channels. 

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