US Open hopeful baffled by animal at Pinehurst: "Stay back, brother!"

US Open hopeful Min Woo Lee was absolutely bewildered after he encountered one of Pinehurst's fox squirrels for the very first time.

Min Woo Lee
Min Woo Lee

US Open hopeful Min Woo Lee was lucky to come away unscathed after a nearly fatal encounter with a fox squirrel during his practice round at Pinehurst. 

Okay, so it wasn't that dramatic. 

But the Australian golfer seemed more than a little edgy when he came across the native wild fox squirrels roaming the course on Monday afternoon. 

The 25-year-old seemed to have no idea what he was looking at. 

So Lee whipped out his phone, filmed the exchange and later posted the video on his Instagram page asking for help. 

He narrates: "Hello, Pinehurst. What is this animal? Is it a skunk or a raccoon or a squirrel? Ayy ay ay ay ayy. Stay back, brother. Stay back. You want something? Look at his stance. Oi! Stay back, brother. I just want to get a side profile. Just chilling."

Watch the video here:


The 2024 US Open begins on Thursday. 

Lee will be making his 12th start in a major championship. 

He has performed well in the first two majors of 2024, posting top-25 finishes at the PGA Championship and Masters

If he somehow clinches his maiden major win come Sunday evening, what are the odds he turns up to his next event with a fox squirrel head cover? 

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